Christmas Special II - Room activities and relatives. (R18)

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Reminding that this Special describes James and Harry's first Christmas together, when they were going out for about 6 months and roughly 1 year before the marriage. Sorry, at first I had forgot to say it in the last chapter.


Opening my eyes at the next morning I felt surprisingly refreshed and clean. Yes, clean; there is no uncomfortable sensation in my lower body.

Checking out the situation inside my pants I see that my underwear has been changed. James not only made me feel good yesterday but also cleaned and dressed me back. He is, without a doubt, the best boyfriend in the world.

Glancing at the clock, I notice that it is only six in the morning. Even when tired, I still what up early due to habit.

As going back to sleep will be impossible I decide to get up and start preparing things for the day but, once I begin to lift the covers, James stirs up by my side and slowly opens his eyes. I guess he is getting used to waking up at an ungodly hour too.

"Good morning." He says with a raspy voice and a smile. "Feeling better?"

Smiling back I bend down and place a kiss on his lips. "Thanks to you. Good morning."

Seeing his goofy, happy expression, I sudden idea pops out in my mind. It is not really fair that only I got to feel good yesterday night.

Having decided, I immediately follow the idea with action and slide down James body, closer to his nether region. As I gently place my hand on the front of his pants, James looks at me startled and asks. "What are you doing?"

Ignoring the question, I smirk and pull down the waistband of his pajamas, revealing the well-endowed member that has the ability to make me reach exhilarating peaks of pleasure, to the cold air.

James twitches in shock, what reminds me of his reaction at the first time I tried to do it for him when we had just started going out.

He had seemed awkward and embarrassed and insisted that I didn't have to do that. I think he thought I was forcing myself against my will. And it is true that I usually didn't feel comfortable with this act and would refuse for most of my previous lovers but, for some reason, I really wanted to do it for James at that time. Also, despite his resistance, I could see in his eyes that he wanted it.

Afterwards, he stopped objecting and always received my caresses with eagerness.

Since right now he is feeling confused due to having just woken up, as I did back there, I disregard his bewilderment, hold the half hard member, open my mouth, and lick the tip.

James grunts and tenses his legs.

Internally pleased, I slowly encircle the girth with my lips and slide down. A hot sensation fills my mouth and I taste his familiar flavor.

Using my tongue, I press and massage the lower side of his member, then start bobbing my head up and down.

Another grunt of pleasure sounds from above and I feel fingers entwining with my hair, they tremble but don't grip or pressure down; never hurting me.

"Harry," James mumbles in a heavy and low voice that I find incredibly sexy. "What about that last order? The client..."

Oh, yeah, there was that. Then remembering the hour, I let go of him and pant "We have time." Then go back to what I was doing before.

After a while I notice James getting more and more restless under me. His muscles are tense like a violin string and his member in my mouth is rock hard and twitching. He is close to the climax.

Intensifying the swaying, I suddenly taste a gush of warm liked in my tongue.

A wave of proud and satisfaction fills my heart. I always feel delighted at the fact that I have the power and ability to pleasure James. To make him reach ecstasy using my own body. Because it is me that is doing it with him, it is me that is provoking this reaction and no one else.

Letting the softening member slide out, I open my mouth and spill out the whitish liquid to my hand. I can't really bring myself to swallow it.

If we were having sex, it wouldn't be a problem since James would find an use to it but now, with both of us fully clothed, I can only get out of the bed and head to the bathroom.

After washing my hands and teeth, I come back to the room to find James still seated in the same position with a lost expression that says 'What exactly just happened?'

By seeing me, he apparently recuperates a bit, fixes up his pants, and says still a little amazed. "That was great, thanks. You indeed seem better."

Beaming I agree. "I am fine because today will be a wonderful day."

James raises an eyebrow in surprise. "That is new, usually, seeing where we are going today, you would be very anxious."

Remembering the schedule for later I comment. "No, I am fine, because if I admit that I am nervous I will start freaking out."

Looking at me as if I have a mild case of brain damage, he points out. "You just did."

"And I am freaking out."

He laughs. "Well, let's get up and arrange the things to take to my parents. There will be a lot of unknown relatives for you to meet too."

Yes, that is where we are going today. Because this is the first Christmas I am not spending with an unwilling Aoi.

Tough, I did contemplate the possibility of dragging my best friend together to James Parent's home and afterward dealing with his Homeric tantrum as I always do; ignoring it. But he is not here right now. He went to Japan for work. And that is why I had to give up the idea. I know it was an absurd plan but I just couldn't bear to leave Aoi by himself at this time of the year. Even if he complains and says I am annoying and meddlesome, spending Christmas alone is too sad.

Anyway, what happened was that Denise asked us to spend the day with the Parker family so that I would be formally introduced to all the uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, and even the third and fourth degree people that you don't even remember how you are related to but that you still see every holiday.

She also requested that I get there early to help prepare the Christmas dinner. According to Denise's plans, we will stay the whole day cooped up in the kitchen making cookies, pies, eggnog, cakes, roasted birds, and meat, fresh bread, casserole, and I don't even know what more.

And that is why I am freaking out. Not because of the kitchen. Because of all the unfamiliar people that I will be meeting for the first time.

I mean, how will they react when seeing me and especially, when learning that I am James Lover? A male lover.

What a day, I have already given a blowjob to my boyfriend and almost gone nuts of worry because of his relatives and it is still seven am.


A/N: Hi, I give you guys Christmas Special part two! But it is still not the end, I will write one or possibly two more chapters since I don't know how to be brief.

Also, the book reached 100k reads! I am so happy! Thank you very much to all of you that have been following James and Harry's story. I am truly grateful for your time and affection. : )

Once more, Merry Christmas to everyone!

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