Chapter 5

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"Are you ready to go in?" I asked her gently after she had calmed down. She numbly nodded and wiped her face dry. My shirt was covered in her tears but I could hide it with my duster. She fanned her face to hide the redness and it worked well. It made me wonder how often had she cried like this in her own to know how to hide it so well. That thought was not only scary but saddening. But I know that I will stop this from ever happening to her again and she will never need to hide her tears from anyone.
We left the car behind us as we carried our bags into the lobby.
"Hello welcome to Andel Lodge, have we got any rooms booked?" A young lady asked when we walked to the counter.
"Hello, ugh yes we do under the Belikov," I said as she checked what I assumed to be the hotel database.
"Ah yes, two rooms for you Mr Belikov. Here are your keys and if you would like to follow me I will direct you to the two rooms," she came from behind the desk. There was something different about her. She wasnt human that was for sure. Her shape and build was defiantly a give away for that and the way she moved and looked around was very guardian like. I didn't let this bother me much though and just let it pass.
"These are your two rooms, breakfast is served from 7:30 to 9:00. If there is anything either if you wish please ring reception and some one will see to your needs. Miss we also have a spa if you would like a moment of relaxation. Heres my staff discount for it. Dhampir to Dhampir," she smiled and passed Rose a piece of paper with a code on it. Well that answered my question. She seemed friendly. We both thanked her and I pulled Roza into one of the rooms.
"Right first things first, you my darling are going to bed to get some much needed sleep," I said and kissed the top of her head.
"Can you hold me?" She asked in return so fragile. She didnt even need to ask, that was what I was going to do anyway. Relish in this time away from the academy and be able to care for her the way a partner should be able to openly and fully. Tend to her every need without fear of someone finding out.
"Of course Milaya," I said. I placed the bags down to one side and climbed into the bed with Roza. She curled up into my side resting her head on my shoulder and an arm across my chest. I stroked her hair like I did in the car until she drifted off into a deep slumber. Soon after I joined her in my own dream land.

I was woken by a scream. I jumped out of my skin and saw Roza thrashing and kicking, screaming out in agony. I shook her and shook her but it wasnt working.
"Roza! Wake up! Honey please wake up!" I shouted as I shook her body. It was almost lifeless yet it was moving as if it had endless amount of life. She started to tremble and cry instead of screaming and her eyes started to flutter open. As soon as she had her eyes fully open her hand flew to her mouth and ran for the on suite. Before I could follow her in the door was shut and locked in my face. With my dhampir hearing I heard her being sick and crying. What on earth was that dream? And why was she sick? Worry was flooding through me.
"Roza.. let me in sweetie," I said when I heard that she had stopped being sick. The lock gave a click and I opened the door. She back near the toilet letting silent tears flow down her cheeks.
"What element does your father have?" She asked kind of numbly whilst staring off to space.
"He is not my father Roza and he never will be but to be honest with you I never knew his element. Why?" I asked her. What would my fathers element have to do with what just
"I think he may be a spirit user." Thats all she had to say for it to click in my head. Her dream wasnt an ordinary dream it was a spirit dream created by him. What he did to her I did not know but I needed to know.
"What did he do?" I asked anger very clear in my voice. She took a deep breath to collect herself.
"He started off by just talking nothing bad. Then he started to torture me. Punches kicks and cuts. He stopped and started to get... intimate. I was tied to a chair and couldnt escape him. He had full control of the dream. You woke before he actually.. you know.. rape me. So thank you," she said shakily. My blood was boiling and anger surged through my whole body. I think I growled out loud.
"That sick bastard. I had a plan to get rid of him for after you were better but I cant let him get away with this. Im putting it into action now," I said sternly but pulled Roza to me to calm me down and just sat there anger taking control.

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