Chapter XLVI

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"They are here," said Draxen as soon as Wiese left us on the ground. He seemed to be tired and exhausted, but not as much as Gail. As soon as she opened her eyes, Pandora ran to hold her before she fell down.

"Sorry for that." She said in a low, weak tone. "Great job, Wiese," she said to them. When I looked at them, it was obvious how tired they were as well, now back to their common form, covered in sweat and trying to steady their breathing.

"You should be, girl, you are not used to make so much magic, it shouldn't be possible at all," said Pandora. "Why did you do all of this?"

"I was worried you wouldn't be able to escape that place if I held anything back." Despite she was tired, Gail managed to smile. "I didn't want anything to happen to you."

"You had Draxen and Wiese with you," I said as I caressed her cheek, "there was no need to take all the weight on yourself."

"I know, I guess I just wanted to prove to myself I'm not scared anymore, that I'm not the little girl I was before." There it was again, the tortured tone in her voice, the one that kept telling me there was something she was hiding. I could read between the lines, my mind was already connecting the threads.

"Such a sweet reunion, I'm about to fall in love with you all!" A voice interrupted us. Not far from where we were, there was a dark elf with a bow and several arrows, accompanied by a black cougar. "I admit this was all very impressive, don't get me wrong," said the elf while the animal's tail caressed her chest, "but you caused such a mess!"

"You have no right to be in this place, elf," said Pandora, now recovered and walking to the front. "Leave already."

"Save your words, bitch," she drew an arrow and pointed right at her. "You were all so focused on getting away from there you forgot to check your backs more than just once."

"And now you have all of our attention. Leave already, last time I say this." Pandora started to drew several red bright runes, which came to us and acted as a shield while just a few remained with her.

"Aww! You're so worried about them that...!" Before she could finish, one of the runes exploded right on her face. "BITCH!" I was about to go with her, but Pandora drew a bigger white rune that multiplied itself in the ground, forming another circle, trapping us right there.

"Pan, let me go!" I smashed the invisible barrier that separated us from her again and again, but it was useless.

"No one threatens my family, you will learn that." She ignored me, moving all of her fingers and focusing only on the elf, who was still controlling her shrieks of pain. 

"Tear her apart, Ferir!" Shouted the elf when she managed to put out the flames, reveling a badly burned face. Before the animal managed to get Pandora, the only guardian that remained with us took it by the tail and threw it back to the elf. "Baby!"

Everything moved faster after that. The elf's quiver generated arrows every time she needed and shoot them without thinking. The few ones that flied toward us broke as soon as they touched the barrier. Wiese tried to break it with their own runes, but they had almost no energy left, just like Draxen and Gail.

Pandora jumped and ran to the elf while the guardian protected her, casting different spells so she couldn't leave the place, trapping her just as she had done with us until there was no possible exit for either of them. The cougar was now furious, just like the elf, while Pandora was deadly calm.

"I offered you the chance to live, twice I did, but now you will learn why many are afraid of my kind," as she spoke, Pandora transformed again just like she did when we met Wiese's parents. A circle of grey light appeared around her, leaving the guardian out of it. The elf looked at her sides, as if searching for something, panicked. "I respect your kind, but I'll take no shit from you anymore."

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