The Guest

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Returning to Qing Qiu, Bai Qian entered the main den still laughing from the mischief she had caused, and it did not go unnoticed by Mi Gu, her tree sprite who took care of them all and her home when they were away.  He knew that look in her eyes, having raised her since she was young, and he did not like the laughter either, especially having just returned from an official outing and an important one.  

Pursing his lips together tightly, he reached down to pick up the lavender robe she had so carelessly dropped to the floor as she made her way to her chamber, stripping herself of her clothing and adornments as she went.

"Really Bai Qian.  You are a Queen,  I do wish you'd behave like one!" Mi Gu huffed as he bent down to pick up the earrings, the hair pin, the dress and the shoes, having divulged herself of them before she entered the chamber and slamming the door behind her.  

Sighing heavily, something he did at least once a day when she home, Mi Gu made his way to the main den to prepare for visitors.  High God Zhe Yan had just left with orders to make sure Bai Qian was ready for their arrival, they had an important news to discuss with her.  "And don't let her leave." he had said and that had only made him smile.  Not even High God Zhe Yan could keep her in one place if she set her mind on going anywhere.

But as he fussed about the den, straightening up the cushions and tightening the rug that Bai Qian had carelessly dragged out of place in her unladylike entrance, Mi Gu wondered what the news could be about, because Zhe Yan had also said The Empress and Emperor would also be there for it, having earlier stated they would be returning to their Mortal Realm residence.  But as he once again picked up her discarded garments, he could only hope she was clothed when they arrived.

Then moving towards he chamber, he knocked lightly.  She had not bothered to raise a privacy shield so opening the door slowly he peeked his head through the small gap before quickly withdrawing it again.  Near naked, covered only in what looked to be a neck scarf which she had dragged across the lower half of her body, she had literally collapsed on top of her bed, face down and fell asleep.

Sighing again, he couldn't help but laugh.  The girl was as unruly as her hair and being made a Queen had not changed that fact, and if the mischief in her eyes when she arrived home was anything to go by, this was one Queen who need a strong hand to keep her under control, because so far she had not shown once ounce of being a worthy world leader.  "Pity us all." he said as he took her garments off to be laundered.


Having already sent his star lord ahead to inform his grandfather of a still developing situation that needed his urgent attention, Ye Hua prepared himself to leave the East Seas Palace having spent the night almost alone.  Though the thought of the previous nights events that were still fresh in his mind had him chuckling softly.  He couldn't help but marvel at the extraordinary lengths some of the visiting Princesses had gone to in order to gain entry to his private suite.

The worst offender being Princess Mei, who had informed his private guard, that the Prince had sent an invitation for her company for the night, and therefore they were blocking her entry to their bed chamber.  And having seen Bai Qian leave the palace not long after Ye Hua had reentered the hall, she had not bothered to wait for them to verify her claim, she had barged on in ahead before shutting the doors firmly behind her and locking them, knowing he would be alone.

Ye Hua had already undressed and was in bed so lost in thought over his evening with Bai Qian that he did not notice the arrival of Princess Mei, and having already stripped herself of her clothing, she had quickly made her way to his bed,  lifted the blanket and slipped in beside him fully naked.  And because the room was quite dark, Ye Hua had mistaken her for Bai Qian, who was very much on his mind.

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