Chapter TwentySix- Silver Bullets Pretty Much Hurt

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    The three kids all began sobbing at once and I turned to tell them to go home now. They exclaimed how they wouldn't tell anyone what happened and then took off down the street. I only hoped that the wolf had gotten the message enough that he wouldn't go at them again today. When I saw them leave my line of vision I pressed my hand to my wound, letting the tears slide down my face. It was a mix from the pain and terror of what just happened. 

    Blue Eyes was rushing toward me, his face completely in shock that he was speechless upon seeing me. How could I blame him? I'd pretty much lost all chances of us killing the wolf as well as getting myself shot with his own bullet. And holy crap was the thing hurting. It felt as if I was being burned from the inside out and the pain was starting to radiate all throughout my body. 

    "What the hell were you thinking?" he exclaimed, wrapping my good arm around him so that he'd keep me steady while we walked. It did nothing, however, to keep the pain from going to my other side. Man did it suck being shot!

    "I couldn't just stand there while those kids were being attacked. I had to do something and it became apparent that the wolf wanted nothing to do with me. As far as I'm concerned I saved those kids because of my quick thinking."

    Blue Eyes sighed and didn't say anything until we were in his kitchen. "I can't believe I shot you."

    It hadn't been something I'd expected him to say. I mean in reality it wasn't his fault that I'd been shot. Personally I take full blame for getting the bullet lodged in my shoulder. Seriously if I hadn't stepped in front of it I wouldn't have been in this mess. Of course Blue Eyes was going to blame himself though just because it came from his gun. It made me a bit sad to hear. 

    "It wasn't your fault," I spoke, my teeth locked together to keep from crying out so my voice sounded very restrained. I didn't even want to think about how it was going to feel when Blue Eyes took the bullet out of my shoulder. 

    The more pressing matter in my mind though was how he knew how to take a bullet out...

    "Okay," Blue Eyes began, coming over to me with his hands decked out in gloves and some seriously scary medical instruments in his hand along with a sock. "you're going to stick this sock in your mouth--"

    "There is no way I am putting your dirty sock in my mouth," I said, shrinking back as Blue Eyes held it out to me. 

    "Fine if you want it to hurt more." He was moving in with his tools and I couldn't help the yelp that escaped me when they almost touched my skin. 

    "Ah just give me the disgusting sock."

    I bit down on the fabric and only had time to cringe for a second until Blue Eyes began working on my shoulder. I screamed into the sock which without it would have no doubt woken the entire town. The pain was intense and I could almost feel every move he was making inside my skin. In fact I could have sworn I felt the bullet moving around, it's cool metal seeping into my pores. My whole body was now alive with pain and it took everything in me not to collapse. 

    Then it was all over and Blue Eyes was holding the bullet in front of my eyes. "Not a good idea to get shot with a silver bullet, especially with our kind."

    Tears were running down my face so I only nodded, watching him grab some things to wrap my shoulder with. I didn't take the sock out of my mouth until he was done wrapping me up and the pain was only a dull thud in my mind...okay maybe a really loud, dull, thud. 

    "Shouldn't that have killed me or something?" I asked. 

    Blue Eyes was washing up his bloody medical stuff so it was hard to hear the sigh over the water, but I knew it was there. "Silver bullets are a lot like normal bullets. Get shot somewhere fatal and you will obviously die. For our kind though they are especially dangerous because they cause you to see things that aren't there, black out, or even go crazy."

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