Chapter TwentySix- Silver Bullets Pretty Much Hurt

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Chapter TwentySix- Silver Bullets Pretty Much Hurt

June 26th: Waxing Crescent

    Yeah, I hadn't done well on keeping my calm when it came to the gun and having a wolf try to maul three poor kids. I was screaming and epically failed at keeping Blue Eyes from getting any closer. By now he was many feet away from me, totally out of my arm length so there was no way I was pulling him back. All I could do in my state was watch in horror as Blue Eyes pointed the gun at the wolf and fired. 

    I was sure that the bullet would have hit the wolf if not for the fact that he dodged out of the way just in time, snarling at Blue Eyes when he saw the bullet's souce. The wolf was only distracted for a moment though and then he turned back to the kids who were frozen in place, screaming so loud it was a wonder the whole town hadn't heard them. 

    The wolf snapped at one of the kids, nipping him in the arm as he cried out in pain. Everything in me was yelling to help but I couldn't think how to. I couldn't just panther out here, that might just freak the kids out even more. It also probably wouldn't be wise to jump in the way but then again when Blue Eyes had shot at him he hadn't seemed too interested in going after him. If the theory was correct then all this wolf cared about was these three kids and hopefully if I dove in the way he wouldn't snap at me. 

    That was the theory anyway...

    There was no time to ponder it as I sprinted through the yard, crying out when the wolf snapped at the boy again, drawing even more blood. From behind me I could hear Blue Eyes shouting at me, telling me not to go any further. It was dull noise though as I set my eyes on the kids in front of me. 

    As I drew closer I realized how stupid my plan really was. Without a doubt in my mind I could already picture myself getting hurt in some way. Yet if it meant saving these three kids I think I could live with it even if it meant injury. Heck, maybe with this bond with my brother he would feel it as well which in all honesty would bring me double the satisfaction. So there were two good things that could come of the is plan with one major issue. The chances of me not being happy in the end were slim...I was trying to convince myself.

    Just as the wolf was going in for another bite, I dove in front, knocking all three kids to the ground while I stood there in a deadlock with the animal. So I guess this now proved my theory correct but I had no idea where to go from here. I took a step closer and the wolf shrunk back, growling at me as he stared at the scared kids. 

    Then in a flash he was dashing around me, ready to get at the kids again. Too late had I realized that Blue Eyes was ready to take care of it with his gun and I idiotically stepped in front of the kids again. My scream broke through the morning, my shoulder burning from where the silver had embedded into my skin. I wasn't going to let it stop me though. 

    Gritting my teeth I used everybodys shock to kick the wolf. Yes, I kicked the wolf. So maybe I was being stupid or maybe it was the smell of iron hitting my nose that was making me act so irrational. Either way I was hell bent on making this wolf leave.

    I stared at the animal who looked almost human in the way that it was so shocked. Panic that I was about to become the next victim surged through me and I was starting to finally realize the pain in my shoulder. The wolf and I stayed like that for what seemed like forever until he snarled, running off into the woods with a bullet flying after him. He was already in the trees by then so it hit harmlessly into the bark of a nearby tree. 

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