Chapter 17- The Field

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 Harry and Ron sat down at the table as I shoveled the last of my pancakes into my mouth. I carried my plate over to the sink, about to rinse it when a brush took over by itself, and ran silently back up the stairs.  Slowly, I opened the door to Ginny's room and cringed as the hinges creaked deafeningly. The curtains were pulled over the window and Ginny and Hermione were still fast asleep, buried under heaps of blankets. I sighed and closed the door again, heading for the bathroom. I showered again and did my makeup. I reapplied my perfume and pulled on the sweater. Instead of the pants, I pulled on my now washed tights that I had worn with my dress the other night. When I went back downstairs it was mid-day and all the boys were outside.  Mrs. Weasley was already in the kitchen cleaning up and getting ready to make lunch. 

"Oh, good evening dear! All the boys are out back if you care to join them." Mrs. Weasley said as she dried her hands on a towel. 

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley!" I said as I bounded out the back door.  It looked quiet outside at first, and that's when a bludger nearly took my head off.   Ron, Harry, Fred, and George zipped around on their brooms. Ginny and Hermione followed me out the back door.  Ginny was carrying a red and white checkered blanket which she layed out on the grass.  Sitting down, we watched the miniature quidditch game unfold before us.  Ginny, Hermione, and I all got a chance to talk.  An owl landed on my shoulder and dropped a envelope in my lap. 

"Who's it from?" Ginny asked.

"I don't know." I shrugged. I was just about to open the letter when a sudden whoosh of air went right past us and Hermione was gone. Ginny and I looked at each other with wide eyes. Then another hiss of air and I shot off from the ground.  I was on a broom.  I wrapped my arms around the person in front of me.  I could hear Ginny screaming down below.


"Sorry, Fred's idea!" The voice came from in front of me. The broom came to a halt on the ground and I got off, shaking.  Unsurprisingly, George was the one who got me. Ginny ran over and started screaming at her older brothers.  

"Iris! Sorry about that." George said. He hugged me and I was glad to be in his arms again.

"It's fine, I can't remember the last time I was on a broom!" I said. Hermione looked wide-eyed. Harry and Ron landed and got off their brooms, Harry had the bludger tucked under his arm, struggling slightly.

"Lunch!" Mrs. Weasley called. Everyone rushed inside. On the table was an array of sandwiches. I was just about to grab a sandwich when I saw the owl sitting outside still holding the letter. 

"I'll be right back." I said as I went back out the door. The little barn owl hopped back up onto my arm. I took the letter and unfolded it.


If you're still interested in pursuing what you had mentioned before then I would be happy to help. I can get you a train ticket if you'd like.


I glanced up at the sky, it was close to dark, and the sky was painted with warm hues. I didn't know how long I had been outside. I mentally went over what I would write to Lupin. Would he still help me even if I was the daughter of Bellatrix LeStrange? Sherlock landed on my shoulder. 

"Hey Sherlock." I said as I ruffled the feathers on his head. He shook his head and cawed, the door opened behind me.


"Hey George." George sat down next to me on the soft grass.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"I guess."

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