Chapter 5

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"Those ones are pretty," I smile as I point to another house covered in lights.

"Not as pretty as you," Damian replies.

I grab his hand in mine and continue walking down the street to the next house, this one with a couple of giant reindeer in the front lawn.

"They went all out," he laughs.

"It's so beautiful," I beam.

"I've never met someone who loves Christmas as much as you do," he shakes his head.

"Neither have I," I agree with a laugh.

We turn so our backs face the giant reindeer and take a picture with the massive decorations in the background.

"Remember what he did for Halloween?" Damian laughs.

"How could I forget?" I nod. "He practically had a haunted house in his front yard."

"I wonder where he keeps all this stuff," he shakes his head.

"I wonder how much his electric bill is," I smile.

We keep walking and he pulls me into a little jewelry store.

"What are we doing here?" I ask.

"It's a surprise," he smirks as he walks to the counter.

"How can I help you?" The lady asks.

"I'm Damian Walker," he says. "I called in a request this morning."

She makes a couple clicks on her computer before nodding.

"One moment, please," she smiles before walking to the back.

"What'd you do?" I ask Damian.

"Something," he shrugs with a grin.

"Babe," I whine.

"You'll see," he smiles.

The woman returns with a small box and Damian pays before accepting it. We exit the store and walk a couple blocks to a lit up archway and he stops us in front of it.

"You're beautiful," he tells me.

"I love you," I smile.

"I love you, too," he answers. "And I know how hard this has been for you."

"Yeah," I nod, trying to hold in a tear.

"I promise you, I'm always with you," he says.

I nod, afraid that if I speak I'll begin to cry. He pulls out the box and opens it. His name is displayed in silver on a long chain.

"Damian," I smile as tears roll down my cheeks.

He flashes a smile and puts the necklace on me.

"I love you so much," he smiles. "No matter what."

"I love you, too," I cry.

"It's getting late," he says. "We should get you home."

"I don't want to lose you again," I frown.

"I'm always gonna be right by your side," he promises. "Every second of everyday, I'll be there."

I sniffle and nod as Damian's lips press to my forehead.

"Come on, babe," he whispers.

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