Chapter 12

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Rogue in the picture.

Axel pov

That asshole Lewis keeps staring at her! Ok, so Lewis isn't really an asshole, but he keeps staring at her. Asshole! 

When she joins him on the blanket and strips down to her bikini I can see the lust filled stare he gives her, and when she proceeds to sit next to him touching him I cant hold back a growl. Don't get me wrong, I don't want her, but I don't want anyone else to have her either. Maybe that makes me the asshole? Leila looks around when she hears the growl and as she understands it's me I send her a hard look. 

Lewis is looking at me too so I decide to scare him a little, "whatever body part of yours that touches that tiger I will cut off and shove up your ass!" He goes rigid and mutters something to her and runs off, making me laugh silently, that should show you not to touch my woman. 

What the hell? My woman? She is not my woman. "She is though," Arlo interjects, "we will eventually succumb to the mate bond, its happening already." "Shut up Arlo! I will never love that beast!" I tell him. "She is our mate, and even though I hate tigers as well I will die without her. I will let you feel sorry for your self for a little while, but you will see it my way soon." I can hear him snickering as he retreats to the back of my mind again.

The conversation I have with Arlo distracts me and when I turn my attention back to where Leila was sitting she is gone, I scan the area and I see her and the Luna climbing up the cliff. I love jumping off that thing and I know its perfectly safe, but for some reason I feel worried watching them shoot off the edge hand in hand. 

They both hit the water with a big splash and stay down for a little while, then suddenly they both burst above the surface. They have both shifted and their tigers are play fighting in the water, it looks pretty damn serious, but the sounds seem happy enough. I remember seeing a documentary once about tigers, and I think they said that tigers love water, it seems to be true. I'm not the only one watching them play, everyone is watching with smiles on their faces, I guess if you don't know the true nature of tigers they look cute and innocent like this. But I know better.

As they both come out of the water they shake their fur and I feel water droplets shower over me, but what gets me mad is the fact that they shift back. She is standing naked right in front of the hungry eyes of the men here, and I feel Arlo peak back in, he grabs a towel and walks over to her and tosses it to her, "for fucks sake woman, cover your self!" He's more than a little mad that others are watching his mate naked, and I'm not exactly thrilled either.

I need to distract my self before I do something I will regret, so I walk up to Emmely, she is always willing to give me some distraction. I wrap an arm around her and lean in close, "what do you say we go someplace and enjoy nature?" She blushes and immediately agrees, so I take her with me to the woods.

As soon as were out of view I grab her and push her back against a tree, I capture her lips in a heated kiss. She melts against me grabbing hold of my shirt and groans into my mouth, I plunge my tongue into her mouth and deepen the kiss. But there's something missing, mini Axel is not coming out to play, that never happens. "You can be disgusting and kiss other women if you want, but I will never let you fuck another woman beside our mate" Arlo is mad, great! I grind my pelvis against Emmelys stomach, but still nothing is happening. "I told you, it's not gonna happen!" "Arlo, stop being a nagging bitch!" I'm met with silence.

"Whats going on baby? Are you feeling alright?" Emmely is pretty confused, and who can blame her? At this point I'm always hard as a rock and ready to go.

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