Chapter 25 - Naruto Or Sasuke?

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A/N: For now, there's no funny moments because I'm running out of ideas. So..romance will occur, okay? (I hope) 

Naruto and Sasuke enjoyed the food I made and bid farewell once they finished. Well, if I have the chance to choose a boyfriend, it's either Naruto or Sasuke!

Wait, what? 

Heh. But as you can see, Naruto is really cheerful and caring. Sasuke here is...grumpy and emotionless. But yeah, I can say that Sasuke is smarter than Naruto, however, people at these rough times don't really care about things as such anymore. 

Two days passed. Still no mission, no training, no nothing! This ninja thing is getting a little boring. But I guess it's boring because Kakashi-sensei is boring too. 

I'm here, walking through the streets and just wondering out of boredom. 


I recognize that voice though; Troublesome Ino. Wait, how come I'm like Shikamaru these days?! I turned around to look and saw the expected person. 


She came near me, skipping over. "Hey I've heard you cooked something for Sasuke-kun and Naruto!" 


I sweatdropped. "Y-Yeah, how did you know?" 

"Well didn't you speak to Naruto and Sasuke yesterday afternoon here at the streets? I just heard it," 


"O-Oh...I thought...nevermind." I shook my head. 

"Hey Sakura. Don't take my words as offensive, but....who do you like more, Naruto or Sasuke?" Ino asked me. 


"Ehehe, why askin'?" 

"I heard that Naruto likes you...and you're close to both of your teammates, and have feelings for one of them?" she smirked. 

"Uhm..n-no..." I started to blush. 

"YOU'RE FREAKING STUTTERING FOR GOD'S SAKE!" her smirk grew wider. Wider. 

"W-Well....N-Naruto's...fine... and... Sasuke is great too......" I answered. "But they're just my friends....n-nothing more." 

She huffed. "Hm...let me ask you a few more things," 

I nodded, I hope that she asks math questions, hehe. Just kidding. 

"Okay, so... CHOOSE! Shino or Kiba?" she started. 

"Kiba." I answered.

"Neji or Lee?" 

"Ehh, either. Neji is such a heartless person. So I might go for Lee-san!" 

"Hm..Kurenai-sensei or Asuma-sensei?" 

"Asuma-sensei, I guess?" (Woah, how come she's asking the names of teachers?!!)

"Kakashi-sensei or Gai-sensei?"


"Shikamaru or Choji?"

"Both are unique." 

"Naruto or Sasuke? I'm NOT taking 'BOTH' for an answer!" 


"Well?" Ino smirked. 

"Naruto, NO, Sasuke! No, Naruto! Wait, I mean Sasuke, no wait, I meant Naruto. ARGGHH!" I groaned. 

She laughed. "You can't choose, can you?" 


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