~*Chapter 2*~

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*Sky/Adam's POV*

After the interview, we drove home to discuss what our next motive was.

"Okay, so Shelby, how far away is Phoenix Drop from here?" I asked her.

"Um, about 15 minutes."

"Okay great! Let's head out tomorrow, and start knocking on doors, asking if anybody has seen her, or knows where she is!"

~Time Skip to next morning brought to you by Adam's budder that he didn't let you touch~

"Okay Max, so is this Phoenix Drop?"

"Yes, I  thought you read the giant sign that said, 'Welcome to Phoenix Drop Everybody!'"

"Wait- people make signs for telling them what town their entering?" Ross asked.

"Ross- ugh, there's no use explaining it to you."

"Aww, is someone being a Mad Max," Shelby teased.

"Shelby! I swear, you're lucky I'm in a good mood," Max warned.

Shelby yelped, breaking everybody's ears.

When we got to Phoenix Drop, we went around town. Most said that no, they've never met anybody like that, but then, at 10:47 AM, we found something.

"Hi, we heard Princess Jessica was in the area, have you seen her?" I asked a girl in her early twenties. The girl was wearing jeans, a light blue jacket, her light blue eyes staring at them cautiously through her powder blue hair.

"I don't know what she looks like."

"Well, we're her friends, so we have a picture."

"Uh, I have a roommate that looks like that," The girl said, "Oh, I'm Katelyn, by the way."

"Great! Can we see her?" Jin asked.


"What if I don't want to?" A girl asked.

"I'll make you come down then!" Katelyn demanded.

We heard the girl yelp, and run downstairs.

"Hey Katelyn, who are these people?" The girl asked.

The girl had long raven black hair that flowed down her back. Her sparkling amber eyes looked at us with excitement. She wore a galaxy sweater, with black shorts, and dark purple sneakers.

"Well, these are, actually, I didn't catch your names," Katelyn said, surprise in her voice.

"Well Katelyn, I'm Sky, that's Max, Barney, Shelby, ROSS, and Youtube Sensation Red Vactor!" I pointed at each of them as I said their names.

"Oh hey, you guys were on the news!"

"You actually saw that!" I yelled.

"Yeah, we did, oh, I'm Aphmau, by the way," The girl, or Aphmau said.

Aphmau... funny. That's the role-play name we created for Jess in elementary school. Aphmau ALSO looked like Jess...

"So Miss Aphmau, here's what the princess looks like," I showed her the middle school photo, "She's super nice, maybe the nicest person you know. Have you met anybody like her?"

I saw sweat appear on Aphmau's forehead, the sparkle in her eyes stopped, I saw her stop breathing, and it looked like her heart stopped.

I put my small microphone to my mouth.

"Hello. We've found the missing princess."


OMG! I love torturing people with cliffhangers! Haha! Suffer! (I'm sorry, I do care about you guys- but that doesn't mean it's not funny to me) Well, see ya later my Mermaids! *~*

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