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AU: We hit 1,000 reads!! I know it's not a lot but I'm so proud. I never thought this story would do so well. Thank you for everyone who had read this far and supported me in my injury and writing❤️❤️

When I woke I could still feel my skin being torn apart. I could still hear the sickening crack of my parents necks. My back was killing me, I've come to realize that the whip was laced.

I opened my eyes to see the sun shining on my skin. My eyes strained to see
what was around me. I tried to breathe but was constricted. My hands went to my neck only to feel cold metal instead of my warm skin.

I struggled against the metal, pulling at it. My weak fingers didn't even scratch it though. To save my energy I stopped,  and looked at my whole body. My jeans were now shorts, stopping a little above mid thigh. My ankles were raw from the earlier shackles and I was barefoot. My arms were dirty, I couldn't look at my back but I could feel the blood was crusty from drying.

I leaned back against the dirty wall and looked around. I was in some type of cell, metal bars in the front of me and grainy cobblestone walls on the other three sides. Through the cracks were vines and more dirty this was obviously old. 

I stood up the best I could and pulled forward, the chain was taut but I continued to pull on it. I reached out to grab the bars only to instantly let them go. I hissed in pain and looked at my hand, they were now a tender red.  Wolfsbane, I should've known. It seems like Brewer has an obsession with it.

"I see you've woken petit un."  Brewer stepped in front of the cage, his arms folded over his chest. His eyes lost the fire that they once held but his smirk was still plastered on his face.

"I see you are still the monster everyone says you are," I couldn't stop myself, I bowed my head not meeting his look. I hear the cage door open and I took a step back hitting the wall.

"Are you ready for your punishment chèrie?" His voice was gruff and his hand carefully touched my face lifting my chin to look at him. "Oh darling, this will be so much fun."

I couldn't hold back my cry, a tear escaped my eye. Brewer shushed me and wiped away my tear, "Chèrie don't cry. You should've thought about the punishment when you attacked me. You did the crime, you must face the price." I gasped as the collar left my neck and his hand replaced it.

"Never again disrespect me,"  he gave my throat a good squeeze. Then dropped me, leaving only to return when a smaller metal bar. One with a leather handle at the end, to which he held.

"Please, please don't," I begged while I shuffled to the corner.

"Oh Chèrie, you have never felt pain before, and you never will after me."  I cried out as the rod was placed on my arm. He grabbed my throat and lifted me up, to get the rod further on my skin. My screams filled my ears and his smile was burned into my mind.

How could someone be so mean to his mate. I knew what he did to his wife, but this, this is so much worse. To see the face of a man I was supposed to love  hurt me, kill my parents then beat me was beyond hell.

I blocked out what Brewer did to me in the end, like I would with my father. I couldn't move my arms or legs for he had tied them back with ropes. Once he was finished I tuned back in to my body, the metallic taste of blood in my mouth was strong. I raised my head and looked up to him, he stood there with various weapons around him. I tried to speak but I was unable to for I had screamed myself mute.

Brewer didn't react to my attempt instead he looked down and pulled a pin out of his pocket. The pin held the face of the full moon, it was the packs symbol. He looked back to me and put the pin back in his pocket, as he stepped to me my heart rate accelerated. His hands reached out and grabbed my shirt ripping it down the middle. I had turned my head to protect my face, but I gasped as the cold air attacked my skin. My bra was mostly intact so I was fully covered there but my stomach and everything else up top was free. 

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