Chapter 1

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Alex's POV:


Two more minutes. Two long, dreadful minutes standing in between me and Hawaii.

I tap my foot impatiently on the ground waiting for the minute hand to change.


Finally! One more minute. Just one more agonizing minute. Why must time be so slow? Hurry up time I want to go home and pack for spring break in Hawaii with my mom and my older brother Axel.

After what felt like hours, the bell rang signalling the end of the school and most importantly my escape from all the rude people at school who feel it is necessary to bully me (Aiden Black). I jump out of my seat and begin the long walk to my locker. I reach my locker to excited to check if I have all of my belongings. I slam the locker shut and start walking to my car.

Damn it, I'm running late. I should text my mom and tell her I'll meet her at the airport. I reach into my pocket and find it empty. My phone's not in my backpack either, which means that I dropped it somewhere between my car and my math classroom.

I slip out of my car and run into the school, so I can make it in and out before the doors are locked. I know that walking won't get me to my phone fast enough, so I break into a sprint in hope of finding my phone before being ushered out of the school by the teachers who can't wait to get away from their students.

I reach my math classroom to see the one and only Aiden Black holding my phone with his trademark smirk plastered on his face. "Forget something teddy bear?" he taunts.

Why must he always call me teddy bear? Sure I used to have a teddy bear, but that was when I was like eight, so it doesn't count. How did he know that I had a teddy bear when I was younger? Because the cliche bad boy bully has lived next to me for the last eleven years. Yes, my bully is my neighbor. Oh! You want to know the best part about it? My mom is dating his dad, so we end up spending a lot of time together pretending that we actually like each other. Which is not easy with Aiden.

"Just give me my damn phone, so I can get the hell out of here," I growl.

"No can do teddy bear, you didn't say the magic word," he reasons. Seriously, are we in second grade? Here I was thinking we were seniors in high school, silly me.

"First, why do you insist on calling me teddy bear? I am niether fluffy nor cuddly. And second I don't need to say shit, because it is my phone!" I retort. Seriously though, I want an answer about the teddy bear thing. Do I look like a toy bear filled with stuffing?

After glancing down at my phone he speaks, "you'll find out why you're teddy bear soon enough, and if you want your phone you can have it." He extends his hand with my phone in it towards me with that stupid smirk on his face.

I slowly reach for my phone expecting for his arm to retreat to its origional position, but it doesn't happen. I snatch my phone and without another word I exit the classroom and text my mom.

Alex: I'll meet you and Axel at the airport, running late, long story.

Mom: Ok, just don't be late. Get your bags and immediately leave for the airport. Do not miss the flight Alexandra.

Alex: Ok, mom I'm leaving school now.

I run towards the exit, because if I miss this flight my mom will have my head on a stick, which doesn't seem to be an appealing option. Finally I reach the door and run straight into it. What the hell? Either I forgot how to open a door, or its locked.

Cue Aiden's laughter, and there's the answer.

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