Hey, guys, this is a rant

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first off i will update and do Christmas specals Tomarow i promis! secont off i want to tagg everyone that reades my story and wrights books so you all have been tagged! #tagged

on to the rant!

ok so i have to spend Christmas with my familly yeah (sarcasum) i was gonna go hang with my friends down at the cafe but no you cant hang out with your friends is lagit what my mom said "but mom im with you guys 24/7!" i honest;y am thinling about faleing being sick and watching reruns of tmnt that i recored on dvr all day.

my parents want me to apoliguys to Jamie, t what do i have to apolligys for he broke me! but no i have to spend 2 hr's today with him just because he's my dads bestfriends kid! ugh kill me please!

i get to babysitt all next week after Christmas so yeah, did i mention its for twins just becaus ther my little cousins dosent mean i whant to watch the,m all of my vacay the only good thing about it is that im getting payed so thats a plus.


by loves thanx for litening to my rant!

also should i do a face raviel or no? (i might breake your screans?)

by Love's ~Marcellus!

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