Chapter 1

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Y/N's pov:

Today was the day I'm going to meet my new mother and stepbrother.


" Why do I have to be born in a world like that?" I sighed and went out to have breakfast.

" Y/N, think of this as a new start for both of us. " My father smiled at me.

" I'll never regard them as a family. Even you. " I left the dining table without touching my food and went to wear my shoes.

" I miss mom..." I started tearing up at the thought of my mother.

My mother left for another country after finding out about my father cheating on her. She tried to bring me with her, but my father wouldn't let that happen. In the end, I had to leave with my dad.

" Y/N, listen to me when I'm still being nice. You better not be rude to your future family members. " My father's expression turned serious. I didn't respond.

"When I say something, I expect a response!" My father slapped me harshly across the face,
causing me to fall on the floor.

" We are leaving now!" My father screamed at me before dragging me to the car.

This was why I didn't want to leave with him... He would always beat me when he doesn't get what he wants from me.

I wiped away my tears and tried to think on the bright side.

Maybe he'll stop beating me now since there are other people in the household. I tried thinking positive.

<Time skip>

We reached the house and my father glared at me.

" You better be good. " He got out of the car, followed by me.

*Ding dong*

My father rang the doorbell. The door opened revealing a middle-aged woman.

" Oh come in my dear. You must be Y/N? You're very pretty. " She smiled at me.

I slightly smiled at her and heard noises from the staircase and turned around to find a boy that was around the same age as me.

" Y/N, meet Yoongi, my son. Yoongi, meet Y/N your sister. " She introduced us.

"You mean step sister?" He corrected his mother.

I scoffed at his statement and saw my father glaring at me.

" Y/N you can address me by mom. " She looked at me with hopes in her eyes.

I'm never gonna call her mom, never in my life. My mouth was simply shut. I felt my father sending me daggers but I ignored it.

" Y/N?" My father's face turned red due to anger.

" Call her mom!" He raised his voice making me flinch.

" I'll never regard her as my mother!" I shouted at her before running out of the house.

Yoongi's Pov:

" Yoongi ah ireona. It's time to wake up. You're father and sister are coming to live here today."

" You mean stepfather and stepsister?" I sarcastically said and went to the bathroom to wash up.

I didn't like the idea of having new family members.

From what I have heard, my mother cheated on my father with my current stepfather. So in the end, they divorced and my mother married my stepfather. To be very honest, I hate my mother. I hate her for cheating on my father. I hate her for remarrying again... But she's still my mum and a little part of me still loves her.


I quickly got out of the bathroom and changed into my normal wear.

<Time skip>

*Ding dong*

I heard the doorbell ring.

Must be them...

I walked out of my room to "greet" them.

As I walked down the stairs I saw my mum smiling brightly at a girl which is probably my step sister.

Wow... She really pretty for an average person.

While scanning her, I noticed a bruise on her cheeks.

Did she get slapped or something? Why do you even care Yoongi?

" Y/N, meet Yoongi, my son. Yoongi, meet Y/N your sister." My mum introduced us, which made me snap out of my trance.

"You mean step sister?" I corrected my mom, to earn a slight glare from her.

I could hear Y/N scoff but I ignored it.

" Y/N you can address me by mom." My mother told Y/N, but she just kept quiet.

" Y/N?" I heard my stepfather speak.

I looked at him to find his face all red.

Oh no... Something bad's gonna happen.

" Call her mom!" He yelled really loudly.

" I'll never regard her as my mother!" She yelled back at her father before running out of the house.

" Don't worry honey, I'll teach her a lesson once she gets back. " He assured my mom.

My mum looked at my stepfather, unsure of what he was gonna do.

I just walked back into my room and pounced onto my bed.

I don't really blame Y/N for not calling my mother mom. I would do the same thing if I was in her place. I thought before dozing off.

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