Chapter 34: Home

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

I don't know which direction I was running in, but I knew that I hadn't gotten very far. The groaning sounds of those red eyed creatures were all around me. Maybe they were everywhere; I couldn't tell. I was too busy trying to prevent my heart from bursting out of my chest and to stay on my feet.

I was never this comfortable in heels but today I was glad I had worn them because it kept my feet well above the sharp ground. I came to a sudden halt when the red light emitting from the pendant grew brighter.

"What the-"

It was a good thing that I stopped, because the ground ended only two feet in front of me.

"A cliff?" I asked myself as I tried to look at what was down below. But it looked more like the road ahead had been broken by something heavy. Small shards of the black rock lay scattered on the ground but I couldn't see a thing that lied below the edge.

Suddenly, a hand came up from the darkness and grabbed on to the edge. I screamed and backed away from the edge, but my feet slipped on one of the shards on the ground and I fell back on the ground.

A hot flash of pain seared through my body and my vision went temporarily blind. When my mind was finally able to think past the pain, I opened my eyes to find the creature with red orbs, climbing on top of my body. It was the first time I noticed what kind of creatures they were and I wished I had never opened my eyes. A strangled scream tore through me as it bared its teeth at me and let out a loud moan and it was wide enough for me to see its entails.

It was horror personified. Made of a slimy black substance that clung to bones, it was almost similar to the zombies I saw in horror movies; except, this was very, very real. And worse was, the slime that covered its body was dripping on to my body and wherever it fell, it burned a hole right through my dress and then burned through my skin.

"Somebody! Help!" I screamed as tears streamed my eyes, but there was no one other than the creature and me. "Please!" I begged. "Help me!"

But no one came. Only, the creature moaned once again, this time louder and slowly crept up my body.

"No, stop! Please, stop! Please!" I kept begging but the creature was almost up to my chest.

I wanted desperately to shove it with my hands but I was terrified that the acid slime in his body will burn right through my hand, or worse, it might even cut off my hand with its skeletal teeth.

Suddenly, I noticed a stray shard of rock from the corner of my eyes. It was long enough that I could hold it with my hand and slicing sounded a lot better than being burned by acid. So I moved my hand to try to grab the shard, but instantly, the creatures head whipped around to follow my hand.

It was now or never.

"Lancelin!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I grabbed the shard in my hand and jabbed it into the creatures head, right between its eyes.

For a second the creature became absolutely still, before opening its sharp, pointed teeth and letting out a loud moan that very much sounded like nails being dragged down a black board.

I screamed and covered my ears with my bleeding hands. But also, taking advantage that the creature was distracted, I used all my strength to bring my legs up to my chest from under the creature and pushed back on its chest with my heels, sending it flying back into the abyss where it had crawled.

I collapsed on the ground, crying in momentary relief, not bothering that the ground was cutting into my skin. I was in unimaginable pain, but somehow, I knew this wasn't the end. I couldn't die here, so far away from Lance, not knowing how he was. I had to get back to him. I had to know how he was! I needed to be back in his arms!

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