Chapter Nine

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I was currently six months finally over my morning sickness. I was a week from entering my third trimester. To make it worse I was put on a diet by Gigi. He didn't even try to stop it. I was hungry and having contractions.

I laid in my bed and cried. My door opened. "Get dressed I want to monitor you at work." Mr. Jones said disregarding my pain struck face. He left and I got dressed. I leaned against the counter as another contraction hit.

At the office I got glared from coworkers. "She got pregnant her boss, poor Gigi. The fact that she showed her face is crazy." Someone whispered. I looked down. None of that was true. We got in his office and I took a seat in the chair refusing to touch or look at the couch. I was huge and barely fit. I closed my eyes and sat back concentrating on my breathing.

"Are you okay?" He asked. I heard him get up and I just nodded. "Are you got?" He asked feeling my face. I turn my head away wanting to be left alone. I grabbed my belly. He started walking away and I opened my eyes.

"The baby kicked." I said and he turned around and looked at my stomach. He knelt down and held my stomach in his hands. I closed my eyes giving them their moment alone.

"The doctor said he would call us soon about the gender. Are you still having Braxton Hicks?" He asked and I nodded feeling another one come along. I gripped the chair tightly and he gripped my hand. "How do you stop them." He said, and I sighed when it was over. I moved my hand away from him and turned away from him. I barely spoken in months but I hope he got my body language. I wasn't in the mood for talking nor him touching me. I just want to be alone. I closed my eyes shutting out what was going on around me. Basically how he shut me off from the world, from my friends.

"I need to go to the bathroom." I said and pushed myself up. I left the room waddling down the hallway holding my back. I got to the bathroom and sprayed my face with water. I look pale and face splotchy with red in spots. I had bags under my eyes.

"I can't believe you would do that to Gigi. Such a slut!" Natalie spat. I ignored her and dried my face off. She left and I bit my lip to stop myself from crying. I needed to see Bryson. I needed to talk to him.

I wiped my eyes and went to Mr. Jones office. "Can I call Bryson?" I asked not looking up.


"I need to someone to talk to." I said, and he handed me his phone. I called him but he wouldn't let me leave the room. I stood in the furthest corn away from him and when he answered I was relieved. "Bryson." I spoke and he sighed.

"I miss you so much. I know what happened. They questioned me. I don't believe anything they said he spoke and I broke into tears.

"Thank you. I wouldn't dare." I whispered. "I promise." I whispered losing my voice.

"I know Em. I am going to get you out of this. You wouldn't dare think of something evil as this. It is a baby growing in your body. Apart of you with your D.N.A." He said and I sobbed all over.

"I can't wait to see you guys." I said wiping my eyes.

"We have your Christmas presents for you." He said.

"I miss Christmas with you guys. Did you make your famous cake?"

"I couldn't because you wasn't here." Ha said.

"You didn't have to do that." I said. The phone beeped. "I will talk to you later. Someone is calling." I said and we said our byes. I wiped my eyes and turned around handing his phone without looking at him. He watched my every move.

I stood by the chair and he answered the phone. "Hello. Yes doctor....thank you so much." He our the phone down. "We're having a girl!" He said excitedly.

"You're." I corrected him. I sat  in my chair and he took a seat again.

"It's your baby too." He spoke. I closed my eyes and shook my head. "Yes it is. She has mine and your D.N.A. in her. It's in your body." He said.

"Stop it!" I yelled.

"What's the problem? You feel guilty because you almost killed our baby?" He said. I ignored him. "It's eating you alive isn't it!" He snapped standing up walking around his desk. "Eating you alive and you can't even live with yourself. Can't look at yourself in the mirror because you are a murderer!"

"I didn't do it! I didn't do any of that stuff! I can't get you to believe me and I don't care anymore!" I yelled wiping my tears away. I stood turning my back to him.

"Enlighten me." He said.

"Leave me alone. I don't want to talk."

"Can't think of a lie?" He said taunting me.

"No you don't deserve to know the truth. I don't care what you think, but I will not let you think I would kill this baby. I told you the truth someone pushed me. I've been set up or something. Do you really think so poorly of me to do this for money?" I asked hurt turning around.

"There's evidence Emily, there is proof on your phone." He said calmly.  "Tell me, explain to me how it isn't true. I want to believe you. I want to go back to the time we were happy." He aid grabbing my hands.

"I wouldn't kill the baby Mr. Jones. I'm serious." I said.

"You set it up." He said looking conflicted. "There's text messages on your phone. Then your trying to leave the country?"

"That was a misunderstanding. I just wanted to live there. I was seeing if I would need a citizenship. I couldn't stay here in America. I know it looks bad....I know but I wouldn't kill the baby. I was happy I was having it for you. I was happy you were getting your first child, but I didn't want to be there after it was delivered. I don't want to see her." I cried.

"What does that mean?" He asked.

"This baby has been apart of my life for six months now. She has been growing and shaping me to become the mother I need to be. I am not her mother. I can't see her because I love her so much. She is not is a contract I have to you and I can't see her. So I want to move away. I don't want to see her because I have gotten so attached to her. Being isolated from everything I was so miserable and yet that helped me stay away from you. I don't want you touching me." I said pushing his hands away.

"Emily...." He said.

"No don't say my name. I'm a murderer. I'm a liar." I said pushing him away. He grabbed me and hugged tightly. "Don't...." I said but he looked up with his glassy eyes and kissed me on the lips.

"I should have believed you Emily. I will find out who set you up. I am so sorry." He said and kissed me again. I separated myself from him.

"Doesn't matter. I need my space, I am the most talked about around here. People are talking about me. Did you tell them?" I asked.

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