Chapter Eight

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Once at the door we saw Gigi waving bye to the car and making her way towards us with shopping bags and he sighed. I let go of his hand and I felt him stare at me.

"Why are you dressed like that?" She asked.

"Office Halloween party." I said.

"I heard about that party. Went last year. Your letting her go with our baby. That's just not safe." Gigi said. She went without Jax. I felt him tense next to me.

"Gigi she needs the freedom to do whatever she wants. She is an adult so she can make her own decisions." Jax said and he meant business. Gigi frowned and walked passed us.

"I'm coming too!" She shouted and I sighed. Him and I got to the car and I tried to sit in the back but he refused to let that happen. I was helped into the front seat. He squeezed my knee.

"So is today your birthday?" He asked. "Or he just did a nice deed?"

"My birthday. I'm 24 now." I smiled. "I'm so old."

"So you think I'm old now." He asked looking at me hurt.

"No, no I'm so sorry." I said.

"I'm messing with you." He said and Gigi finally came back in a dress.

"Let's go party!" Gigi yelled excitedly. All I could do was close my eyes before I turn around and strangle her. We got to the house and I was permitted in.

"Mr. Jones I didn't know you would come." Daryl said shocked.

"I didn't know I was either. Gigi lets give Emily her space. I'll take you out to eat." Jax said but she entered the party. I turned around and started talking to coworkers.

"You look amazing!" Samantha said.

"No you look amazing Wonder Woman!" I said.

"Whose your friend Emma?" Gigi said.

"Hi I am Samantha." Samantha said and Gigi didn't even bother to finish the conversation.

"I'm so sorry." I said and she chuckled.

"No need. I just feel bad Mr. Jones has to deal with that." She said and I nodded. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Someone pushed me forcefully down. I covered my belly but hit my head hard. Soon my vision wasn't clear and whoever it was kicked me.

Jax POV....

"Where is she?" I yelled. "Emily Carter, three months pregnant." I said to the receptionist.

"She's okay. Kind of blacks out. Don't that hall in room 26." She said and I ran down the hallway. I opened the door and she laid there crying.

"What happened Emily?" I asked trying to be calm.

I was going to the party and....somebody pushed me. They tried to hurt me Jax. I wrapped my arm around my stomach to save He baby." I said.

"That's terrible. We need to sue! Who would try and kill our the baby okay." Gigi asked the doctor in tears. Jax comforted her and I looked away.

"The baby is right there perfectly fine." The doctor said.

"Oh thank goodness. I knew going to that party was dangerous! I don't want you going anywhere without us there. Who was the last person you talked to? I remember Sam. After that Jax and I left to go out to eat." She said.

"Sam was but she would never. She and I are great friends."

"You can't always trust people. Her phone chimed. Just like I have information on you. Doctor can you give us privacy." Gigi said.

"Information." I said. The doctor left closing the door and I wish I could go to.

"Jax you will need to be getting your lawyers. I have text receipts from your phone. You contacted an unknown person saying you need to be pushed down. You will pay them 50k that you know if you miscarry that you get double the amount for stress and so on. I can't believe you would jeopardize our baby for money. Your recent searches on your phone is how to get citizenship in Canada, or Brazil. You planned to move away out of the country." She said.

"Everything your saying is a lie. Sure I looked up the Canada and Brazil but I have my reasons." I snapped.

"I have the evidence right here." She said waving her hands. "Get out of that bed and lets go. You will have that baby wether you like it or not. Hopefully we can have it to where you get zero penny from us." Gigi said. I looked to Jax but anger was clear on his face. Gigi left.

"Jax that's not true." I defended.

"Mr. Jones to you Ms. Carter. You are fired, after this business I don't want to see you again." He said and my heart shattered. He left the room.

As days went by turning into weeks my room was moved further down. I was isolated and told to stay in my room everyday. Gigi left the state for a modeling gig and I knew it was my chance to talk to him. That's if I could get up. I have been sick for a days. My door opened and I closed my eyes. "I know you are woke." He spoke to me for the first time in a while. "Why Emily? Please tell me why you would do this?"

"I didn't do it." I spoke not having the energy right now.

"We have the evidence and your phone! How can you just lie! I tried to come in here and talk rationally but I see you won't speak the truth! I thought we were happy!" He yelled and walked out slamming the door. I didn't have the strength to fight anymore. He was never going to believe me and that was fine.

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