Part Two: Chapter Six (The Vote)

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A few days of staying to myself, taking care of my daughter, and starting to homeschool her, we decided we needed a break.

I went downstairs to find the guys sitting at the breakfast table, talking away, while there were no women in sight.

"Ah, there you are." Michael got up from his spot.

"Please, don't stop doing what you're doing. I was just going to make Kinsey breakfast." She hid behind my leg, a little shy around new people. "No need to hide, silly." She wouldn't budge. Michael chuckled.

"Just to let you know, the women are out at the markets Monday through Saturday. No need to hide out. Also, I'm assigning Alucard to you unless we need him for a run. Anything you need, just let him know." I nodded once. "Go make your daughter breakfast, we're gonna head out anyways." I pulled Kinsey along with me, pulling out some cheerios, slicing a banana, and poured some milk for her, and sat her at the newly cleaned table, letting her eat.

I had grabbed an apple, using my knife to slice off chunks, and I ate it. I hadn't eaten much, and I was starving at this point. When Kinsey finished her breakfast, she went over to the counter, putting her bowl in the sink. One thing I noticed here, the men did their own dishes. The chaos eaters around the club had to do our dishes if they wanted to stay around. They worked beside the ol' ladies who weren't at the table.

I washed up Kinsey's bowl, putting it on the drying rack, and then washed up my knife. I went back up to my room, got a shower going, and let her go first. She had to bear with adult products until I could get her her favorite soap and shampoo. 

Once I took my shower, I pulled out our clothes, Kinsey had her own suitcase. She liked to be creative, so I let her put on whatever she pleased, as long as it matched. I, on the other hand, had the other two. I had to vacuum seal bags to get them flat enough to travel with, with really cut down on weight, and space. She didn't have near as many clothes because she was a growing child.

Once she was dressed in a pink poofy skirt, black leggings, and a black and blue top. Close enough. I put her still-black hair in pigtails and then found some skinny jeans, and my favorite thermal top, and the riding boots I had since I started riding solo.

I didn't temporarily dye my hair. I did it for a change. The dark cherry red went with my soft ice blue-gray eyes.

I went to pull out cash for exchange, even though Nice was a tourist attraction and probably took dollars, I would like to get it transferred. Going downstairs, Alucard was shooting zombies on Call of Duty, but paused it the moment I came down.

"You're dressed nice. Where are you going?"

"Well, I was hoping you could take us into town. I've always wanted to see France, and I want Kinsey to immerse herself in her new home, even if it's temporary." Kinsey was still hiding behind my leg. "Kins, this is Alucard. He's not going to hurt you." He offered his hand out to her, but she still shied away.

"It's okay." He spoke in English for her. "I... promise, I'm... taking care of your mother." He was struggling with English, but made an attempt. Kinsey knew a little Spanish, but not enough to get her by.

"Sweetie, he doesn't speak as much English like we do, but I promise, nobody here wants to hurt you. Or me." She wasn't budging. "It's going to take a little bit for her to warm up." I switched back to Spanish for him. He shrugged.

"That's okay. She's probably scared he might come for you. Or someone is going to do the same thing." I smiled sadly at him. "Come on, there's one car left. Let's go out to the market place."


Nice was beautiful. It held some classic architecture with modern influence, and it was very spacious.

"Oh, is there anywhere to do currency exchange? I have about two hundred thousand in cash, and until I can start pulling my weight, I'm entirely dependant on it." I helped Kinsey into the back seat.

"Don't worry about anything. Michael is covering your expenses for now. Every one gets a cut from their weekly income to help pay for bills. I, right now, even as a prospect, still get paid nicely for the drug shipments." I frowned. I liked to pay for my own things. "Trust me. It's taken care of." I sighed, climbing in the front seat, and nothing else was said as we drove into town.

Kinsey was excited to explore, as was I. I allowed her to point out things that she would like, then made a note to gather it later. Luckily, children's clothes here weren't outrageous. I didn't bother looking for any clothes, simply because I would be driven to spend.

After awhile, looking around and having lunch at a small cafe that had some amazing pasta, Alucard called right about at sundown.

"Oui." He hung up after only a few moments. "Table has voted. We need to go back." My heart began to race. All the way back to the house, my nerves began to eat me alive. I put Kinsey upstairs, locking my room so the bitch couldn't snoop in there and find her grandchild, and try to involve herself.

In the room, I sat in a chair away from the table, keeping my head low. I honestly didn't want to be involved with any illegal activity, but it looks like I wasn't getting away from it any time soon.

"Kelsea." Michaels voice made me look up. We have all voted for you to join us, on one condition." My blood froze. "You may sit with us, you may vote on life-altering or life-threatening votes, but you will assist in the drug running, even if that means driving the van." No... fuck, no!

"The reason why I wanted out of CS was because of the drugs-"

"We are not asking you to handle them. Period. We only ask that you drive along with Alucard as security."

"We saw the targets you tore apart, darling. Nobody here, besides Alucard, has that kind of talent with a gun." Another member spoke. Anxiety knawed at me, the thought of me becoming a drug addict like my parents... I couldn't do that to my daughter.

"You will never handle the drugs. Only drive and handle a gun if necessary." Michael reassured me. "If you prove your worth, we'll let you be the only woman to ever sit at this table, patch and everything." Shit. I was fucked.

"Can I have a couple days to think about this?" I asked quietly." Michael nodded.

"If you choose not to, you can choose to help with the kids, or you can go with the old ladies to the markets and help sell items. It's your choice."

Either way. I'm fucked.

Fuck my life...

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