Save You Tonight

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Save You Tonight

Chapter One

Charlotte P.O.V


"SUGAR!" I screamed, running up the stairs, a mug of sugar in one hand and a spoon of Nutella in the other. "SUGAR! SUGAR-SUGAR-SUGAR!! AND WHAT'S THIS, I WONDER?! GASP IT'S A SPOON OF NUTELLA!" I shriek, and stick the spoon of nutty-chocolaty-awesomeness in my mouth. "HYPER-MODE: ACTIVATED!" And with that I burst into Ayesha's room and jump on her bed.

Groaning, Ayesha fell of the bed, taking the covers with her. Peeking over the edge of the mattress, I found her legs entangled in the sheets as she struggled to get up. Giggling. I lay down on the bed and offer my hand to her, but instead of letting me pull her up, she pulled me down with her.

I would have laughed, but I was too busy trying not to swallow the spoon that got knocked half-way down my throat when my face kissed the floor. Choking and spluttering, I rolled over onto my hands and knees and kept coughing. The spoon was soon pulled from my throat by a constantly apologising Ayesha.

When I finally stopped hacking up my lungs, I gasped out, "L.O.L!" and burst into a fit of laughter. When I finally calmed down after five minutes of silent laughter and tears running down my cheeks, I stood up and grabbed my mug of sugar which had miraculously survived the whole trip, and stumbled downstairs.

"I'm hungry!" I demanded when I got into the kitchen. I ran over to the fridge and yanked out anything edible that I saw. Dropping it all on the small kitchen table, I picked over what food was there; I ate a box of left-over pizza, two yogurts, an apple, spicy chicken strips, banoffee pie, fruit salad and a bag of grated cheese, washing it down with a bottle of chocolate milk.

When I was finished, I got showered and dressed. Feeling bored, I decided to go for a bit of a dress up, so I pulled on ripped black tights, purple shorts, an orange bralet, and black waistcoat. Tying my green tie loosely around my neck, I shoved my arms into a baggy purple hoodie and grabbed my makeup, sitting down infront of my mirror.

Seen as I was already pale enough, I didn't bother whitening my face, so instead I applied eyeliner thickly around my eyes, and carefully smudged it. Then, I grabbed my bright red lipstick and quickly put it on. Grinning, I slipped my feet into some neon green Converse and stared at my reflection; my feminine take on the Joker. Tugging my straight brown hair infront of me, I quickly grabbed green hairspray and sprayed the tips of my hair - done!

Giggling, I spun around and hopped down the stairs, meeting Ayesha at the bottom. "And you are who, this time?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"The Joker's one-night stand!"

"I thought so," she mumbled, rolling her big brown eyes at me. "Oh! Do you remember Zayn?!"

"No, I can positively say I do not remember Zayn, your best guy friend who is in One Direction and have never met. No, I cannot remember him." I said sarcastically.

"Oh, shut up!" she hits me on the arm playfully, "Anyway, he's coming to visit today! I haven't seen him in AGES!"

"Leggo!" I cried enthusiastically. "If we get this busking over we can see him sooner!" And with that I grab my bag and walk out the door with Ayesha.


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