[Arc 1] Chapter 1. Rebirth

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I felt sick. Why did I feel so sick and weak? I'm supposed to be dead, maybe?

But then, why? Why do I see people? It's blurry and I can't quite make it out. Yes, there are people. I try and yell at them to run away.

"Ahaa..." Was all that came out.

As my vision cleared up I could see people. And they were happy? I try to look around but find my head held in place. I move my arms and legs they barely budge. What the hell is going on? There is an odd sensation near my butt. I try to move it but it seems held in place too.

"..." someone gigantic is holding me and says something in a language I don't understand.

I can't move, and gigantic people are holding me. And now they are wiping me with something. No wait, that's too low! Calm down lady! You need to buy me dinner first!

No, this isn't a time for jokes where are the shooters? Why is everyone so calm? Is this a hospital?

Whoa whoa! You're moving me around too fast, I can't see what is happening. This is not regulation hospital etiquette I'm sure! I don't know how you fixed that bullet wound in my head, but I will no longer be impressed if this behavior continues.

I can't actually say that... for whatever reason, whenever I open my mouth stupid noises come out.

I am placed in a giant woman's arms. Her face is red and sweaty from excursion. Her black hair is a mess and her giant ears... wait are those fox ears! On her head were perched two fluffy ears. On either side of her head I don't see human ears. Either this is a really good cosplay or.... Gaaaaaaaassssssp!

Shit, no. Where is heaven? You're a pretty lady and everything but come on. This is a dream right? A pit stop on the way to heaven. It has to be.

I close my eyes then open them again. Dang it, everything is just clearer now! In her arms I am able to see not only her smiling face, but the relieved expressions of several other cosplayers. Giant very talented cosplayers, in medieval clothes.

Fox lady holding me says something, she is smiling but why is she crying? I didn't do anything I promise!

".... Sebastian...." She said something, but I caught that word.

Who is this Sebastian guy? What's he going to do to me! Wait, lady you seem much nicer than this Sebastian guy.

An older woman in maid cosplay tried to take me from the fox lady. She fought them for only a second. And then she reluctantly released me. I was wrapped in a cloth, but I could hear her crying.

Lady... why are you crying?

...Are... you crying for me? That's not possible... right?


... I'm not worth shedding a tear over.

I don't even know you...

I was handed to a man in shiny plate armor. Another cosplayer. A giant just like everyone else.

He placed a cloth over my face and everything went black. And we moved a lot.

So much...

I'm glad I'm not prone to motion sickness because this would be bad.

I was placed in something soft, more blankets I guess. And then more moving.


Okay, I had my freak out... I still have no idea what is going on, but I am getting bored. Wake me when it's over.


There is some rumbling, which I can only assume is some kind of cosplay true vehicle based on the bumpy ride. Speaking of bumps, I guess we hit a big one since some of the cloth over me gets bumped out of the way. And I'm able to see now. I see a glass window...

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