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In which the frat boy falls for the wannabe sorority member.


Jasmine is a freshman at Penn State, but like most girls Jasmine has her eyes on the scandalous, but very hard to get into sorority: Theta Pi. She'd do anything to get into the sorority, even if it means losing a piece of herself and her conscious.

So when she drunkly stumbles across a curly haired, green eyed ex frat boy during a rush party, she sees an opportunity: get the ex frat boy to fall in love with you and crush his heart after to get the sorority to pick you.

But things are never that simple.

Kiana Lede as Jasmine Rhodes
Rosalia as Raquel Diaz
Keke Palmer as Michelle Mitchell
Barbra Palvin as Candy Williams
Madeline Petsch as Rebecca Smith
Harry Styles as himself

(This is who I imagine them as but you don't have to if you don't want to x)

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