Chapter ten - going back

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Just as I finished my sentence a knock was heard at the door, "come in" Chen spoke with so much authority it sent shivers down my Spine, I kept eyes to my lap like always. "Chen have you see y-" he stopped mid sentence and my head shot up, it was Kai He stopped over to me, his booming footsteps echoing throughout the room. Y-n, we are going back" hr grabbed my wrist and dragged me up from my seat and out of the room "please I'm sorry Kai, it hurts" I sobbed as he proceeded to drag me down the hallway back the way we came. "You should have thought about that before you chose to run away from me" he slammed open his bed room door and then walked to another door in the corner of the room, he slammed open this door to reveal a small dark room he pushed me into the room with so much force I fell in my butt, he walked over to with his long strides and I tried backing away but soon found myself pressed against a wall, he was almost immediately towering over my small frail body. His large muscular arms scooped me up and took me over to the bed and started to take off the shirt I had on, I thrashed about violently but he held me still with one hand and removed the shirt with his other, he had soon thrown the shirt on the floor and began to walk out the room, stopping to say at the door "I hope you ate enough at dinner because you have lost your food for the next three days until you come to me and ask for it" my sobbing resumed "if you haven't asked me by then I could start taking your water away from you". With that he abruptly left the room.

When he had left the room i snuggled up to the quilt and cried and cried, I missed my family so much it hurt, I was going. to take every opportunity to escape this hell hole and from all the people in it.

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