Chapter nine - Running

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Your pov
When his back was turned looking for l assume was a t-shirt I made a run for the door we bad just come through it was still open so now l just had to choose which way to run. Deciding on taking a left the opposite way of the dining room we came from, I heard a frustrated Kai Behind me sigh and shout my name Ikept on running until I heard his footsteps caching up with me and a sharp corner was approaching. Turning sharp eorner was approaching Turning the oorner I pulled open the closest door I slipped myself into the room and closed the door without a sound Swivelling my body around te face the rest ot the reom I had to put my hands over my mouth to stop myself fr om sereaming, it was tha boy from the dinmer table whe had asked me if me how my food was. He looked at me for a seeond before standing up and offering me a seat at his desk I turned quickly trying to unlock the door, "it's no ose its already locked". when he said that my heart sank, he was just going to take me back to Kai who would be really angry at me for trying to run from him. "Hi I'm Chen why don't you come take a seat and stay here until Kai falls asleep" I was grateful he wasn't making me go back to Kai straight away, "oh ok" I went and took a seat opposite Chen who had now sat back down in his previous position. "You know you probably shouldn't have ran away from Kai like that, his is going to be very angry You know" I looked down at my lap and sighed "l know".

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