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AU: This is Sunday's chapter becuase I won't be online Tomorrow. I'm still recovering thank you for everyone's support. You've made me feel a lot better about this and I'm so happy about how far I've come with this story. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

"Shift," Brewers voice boomed off of him, even though there was no microphone everyone heard him. I looked up at him then to my family who had already returned to their human state. I finally shifted, looking down at my shackles the skin was red and raw around them. On my back there was blood, but I ignored it.

"What you see here," Brewer motioned to my parents and Sol, "is a bunch of cowards. Lonely wolves who though they knew how to run a pack and put rouges to use." I looked at my father who had stood up, his fists were at his side and his face was red. "Let him go," I looked to Brewer surprise evidently on my face.

My father ran at him, and I was the first to shout "Father don't!" I stood up and went to block Brewer from his hits but I was held back by the neck from the chains. If my father were to strike Brewer he would kill him. As much as I was abused by my father, he was still my dad. I still had to protect him.

My father looked at me, Brewer stood only a foot to side of and the front of me. My father looked from me to him then calmly walked over to me. I put my foot back to get away but with the look he gave me I couldn't. Once he was in front of me I was shivering, from the cold, pain, and pure fear of everything.

His hand raised and I flinched back. My eyes closed and I knew what was to come, except it didn't. "Don't touch you vermin." Brewers voice was deep but quiet, it held a growl that was terrifying and protective. I opened my eyes to see Brewer in front of me his hand held my father's wrist. I watched him horror as he grabbed his elbow and snapped it back. The crack that was heard was sickening. I felt my stomach drop.

My father was pulled back and Brewer looked to me. His eyes still held a fire but I could see they were a bright green behind the flames. His hands tenderly came up to my neck and he removed the collar, once the collar left my neck the shackles fell to the floor. I went to grab my wrist but I couldn't, the wolfsbane had burned indents into my wrists and ankles. My skin was eaten away and was raw.

Brewer placed a hand on my back which gave me a warm tingly feeling which I shook off. He pushed me forward and I looked to see my father mother and Sol lined up in a row all on their knees.

"Kill them, take out your anger in them. Don't deny it, I can feel the anger inside of you, the fire within. Let it out Maven," his hands touched my lower stomach and his voice was in my ear. I stopped breathing as a reaction, I couldn't kill them.

He shoved me forward and I stood in front of my father. I looked back to Brewer who mouthed, "Kill them," to me. My father looked up at me. I placed my hands on the sides of his face ready to break his neck. Like I would've with Ryan, but I couldn't. I couldn't hurt him.

"I can't." I hung my head and took a step back. Brewer sighed and the stepped forward. His hands grabbed my father's head and then twisted it instantly. My scream wasn't audible to me, I only knew I had screamed when I was out of breath. I ran forwards but Brewers men grabbed me. Brewer looked back at me then moved onto my mother. He did the same to her as he did to my father.

"Don't do this to my brother!" I screamed but he didn't stop. He placed his hands on his head ready to twist, I looked at him and whispered the only thing I could.

"Brewer, I'll do anything." I hung my head after that, I saw him removed his hands from Sols neck. He made his way to me and put his head against mine. I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"Maven no!" Sols screamed at me. I ignored him the best I could.

"Say it again," his voice was gruff and husky, his lips brushed against my ear as he spoke and I shuddered.

"I'll do anything you want just don't hurt my brother."

"Maven!" Sol stood up trying to run to me but Brewers men held him back gagging him with a red cloth.

Brewer stepped back, assessed me then looked to his pack. "You have done well tonight, we have taken land! Our names will go down in history, we will not stop!" He raised his fist and his men followed in suit.

I couldn't stand there useless so I did the only thing I could. My hands grabbed his neck, and I dug my teeth into his shoulder. Blood filled my mouth and I scratched at his face. I felt skin under my fingernails before I was pulled back.

Brewer looked at me as his men stood me up. His face held anger, his mouth was pressed into a firm line and his nostrils flared. He stalked up to me and whispered again. I wished he had just yelled, yelling makes everything just a big less scary.

"You have crossed line the Mon Cherie, you will not disrespect me again in front of my pack. You will not disrespect your mate, and I will show you the consequences when we get home." Brewer didn't touch me, but I was dropped from his men's hands.


I cried on the wood, he had killed my family, he had paraded me around. He has killed thousands, and now he was my mate. I felt stupid for not realizing, not realizing how I felt when his lips touched my ears. When he had taken the collar off of my neck. When his hand was placed on my stomach.

I felt his presence behind me, he walked to me and picked me up. I cried in his arms pushing him away. I was ultimately to weak to do anything to him but I tried.
He placed his hand on the back of my head and placed it on his chest, my forehead on his neck. He carried my bridal style to a black SUV and carried me inside.

I lay on his lap, my face in his chest. My tears stopped because I didn't have anymore. My heart ached, my body was on fire from the wounds and the distress.

But this monster, shushed me, and rocked me to sleep, because I was his mate.

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