The Hangover

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Noah's POV

I walked outside to my mustang, still a little drunk and stumbly, and got in my car. 'What am I doing?' I thought. 'What's wrong with me?'

I started the car, and was off. I knew that I shouldn't have been driving, but I sure as hell wasn't getting on no damn bus!

After about 10 minutes, I was at my school. Hell's more like it. It usually wasn't the teachers or all the work I had to get all the time that annoyed me the most. It was the people.

All kinds of people getting on my nerves and I always end up fightin' and shit like that. It sucked. That's why I hated this school.

My friends on the other hand, they were cool. Especially Britney. Man, I tell you. Britney... she's my girl. We've been through everything together. Everything.

The girls at my school HATED Britney. I'm mean HATED her. They would all get jealous of her being around me all the time, even though they KNEW I was gay.

They would call her names like bitch, slut, tramp, all that shit. It wasn't cool. And it made know sense. That's why I've been so protective of her for so long. She's just been so helpless through out her whole life.

I start to walk through the hallway looking for Britney, a little sobered up, when Jacob, one of my friends, runs up to me. He's all sweaty and breathing hard like he just ran a freakin' marathon. What was wrong with him?

"Noah..'gasp'.. Noah, man. You gotta come quick! There's.. something.. something going.. going on.."

He bends over, taking heavy breaths like he was having an asthma attack or something.

"Dude! Woah man, take it easy! What's going on, huh?", I ask him. He starts to control his breathing, weazing a bit(which was giving me a headache) then explains everything.

"It's Britney man! She just got into a HUGE fight with TYLER!" "Oh shit..", I whisper, and start to run. Man, I tell you, when I say I ran like I was on fire, I ran like I was on FIRE!

I started to hear a bunch of commotion and saw a crowd circling something. Oh shit..

"Dude, Britney took a HIT from that maniac! She didn't look so good before and now.. OH MAN!", Jacob says. I had to break it up.

"Bro, you gotta do SOMETHING man!" "I will..", I said to him and walk through the crowd towards that son of bitch. I see poor Britney on the floor, her face beat up REAL bad. Man, her asshole of a dad got at her again. I need to teach that guy another lesson.

I see that jackass crouching on top of Britney, sayin' some stupid line and pulling his fist back. Oh no he WON'T! Right before this asshole swings, I catch his fist and punch him square in his jaw.

I punch him over and over and over again, and I didn't stop. I could here Britney's voice shouting stop and the crowd cheering me on screaming 'FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!', but I blocked it out. I blocked out all of that noise.

I was releasing all my anger on this stupid kid, beating him to a pulp, but I didn't care. I was too hungover to even notice. He deserved it anyway.

Eventually, the crowds voices came back to me and I hear Britney shouting in my ear to stop. I snap out of it and climb off the fugly little thing. Man, I kicked the shit out of him. His face was so bloody.

"Noah! What did-" "Come on.", I said, cutting her off and pulling her away from the crowd.

"Noah wait! We can't just leave-" Then I cut her off again, getting steamed up.

"Look. Your hurt right?" She hesitates to answer, then nods her head. "And you OBVIOUSLY don't feel well right?" Then she says,"But we're skipping school-" "It's not skipping if I'm taking you home because your badly hurt.", I say with a softer tone.

She hesitates, then nods her head again. Man, she was so stubborn sometimes!

I drag her out of school, the crowd left in shock, put her in my car, and drive off. Man, that was a heck of a morning!

We sit there in silence, Britney looking through the window, and me driving home like a maniac. She was used to me driving like that when I would get paranoid.

"I'm going to be in a lot of trouble when I get back, huh?", I said with a smile. She giggled and nodded. I always had a way of making her smile.

After about ten minutes of driving and awkward silence, we were finally at my house. Britney shot up quick, worry written all over her face. Before she could start whining I managed to say, "Don't worry. My parents aren't here so it's alright."

She sighed of relief, not worrying about her dad anymore, and leaned on the window, her eyes closed. Man, she must be exhausted!

"Come on. We'll go up to my room." I said and opened her side of the car. She got out and walk inside my house, then leaned on the wall. Poor thing.

"Want anything to drink?", I asked her. She seemed really dehydrated. "No thanks", she mumbled. I didn't know what else to do, so I got something to drink just in case, then started to the stairs.

"Are you coming?", I asked. She shot open her eyes like she was sleeping, looked at me a little dazed, then nodded and started towards the steps.

What ever Britney did this time, she must've done something REALLY bad to piss her dad off.

We reached my room, opened the door, then slouched on top of my bed. Man, what a morning.

2 hours later

I woke up with the worst hangover ever. "Ow..", I moaned when I tried to sit up. I felt a tiny breeze and looked down. That hurt.

"I don't have any clothes on.", I whispered, confused, then heard a shuffle and turned my head (a little to fast) and felt a sharp pain in my head like it was about to split at any moment. I moaned again.

I couldn't see who it was because of my blurry vision, so I had to squint, and what I saw made me forget about my splitting headache immediately. It was Britney. Sleeping in my bed with nothing but underwear and a bra on.

"What the hell?!"

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