Chapter 7

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I calm down and continue to watch the movie, when I receive another text. I check my phone, but this time it's not from Joshua. Its from Lilan - Mickey's girlfriend. Would I call her my friend? Only when she needed me. Lilan is this pretty asian girl, who's also rather intelligent. I still don't know what she's doing with a guy like Mickey.

Hey. I'm going to the mall tomorrow. Want to come?

Who else is coming? I reply. The last thing I need is to be left behind by a group of girls I barely knew.

Nobody else - I swear.

Fine. What time?

Around 5:00.

K. Meet me after school?


Finally, the movie finishes. I turn the TV screen off, then crawl under the covers. The events that happened today replay in my head, most of my memories involving Josh. At last, my eyes begin to close and sleep draws me in.


Beep! Beep! Beep! I groan and stop my alarm before dragging myself out of bed. I dig through my bag to find a blue t-shirt and some sweatpants. After I finish changing, I carry myself to the bathroom. I look like a wreck; my hair is tangled and bushy, falling over my eyes. I brush my hair until it's half-decent, then quickly brush my teeth, shoving everything in my bag once I've finished. I head to the kitchen, and see Damien eating a bagel, all ready for school. I display the time on my phone - 8:27.

"Let's go." I tell him. He nods and we get through the door and hop into my car.

"You're driving today?" He asks me.

"Yeah. No offense and all, but you're a really shitty driver." I tease. He scoffs and throws his backpack in the back seat, along with mine. I start the car, and a couple minutes later, we're off. We manage to get to school at 8:49. We made it on time for once. Damien and I hop out the car and walk towards the entrance. Fortunately, there were no Bluehoods around the entrance, so we could just walk in.

I walk/run to my locker and snatch it open. I quickly scramble with my half-eaten muffin and coffee along with my math textbook and notes. I look up at the clock in the hall. 8:56. Shit. It really took me ten minutes to run here and grab my things? No time to ponder, I'm gonna be late.


The day goes by quickly, Mickey gets into trouble for planting a thumbtack on the teacher's chair, Rickey got a B+ on his French test and Damien ended up in detention. I call Damien to see if he needs a lift home.

"Hey, Erica." He says

"Hey. Do you need a ride home?"

"Nah, I'm good. Mickey's driving."

"Good luck with that."

"I know, right?" He chuckles. "Are you sleeping over, again?"

"Yeah, think so."

"Alright. See you later. Bye!"


I slide on my backpack and head to the main entrance to meet Lilan. Her hair falls down to her back, dyed pink at the tips. She wears a pink pullover sweater that slightly exposes her shoulders. Typical, Lilan.

"You are exactly fifteen minutes late, Erica."

"Shut up, you're starting to sound like Mrs. Dakota."

She laughs before we hop into the car. I start it, and she puts her hand over the radio dial, and turns the volume up way too much. The station plays 'Problem' by Ariana Grande, one of the most overplayed songs I've ever heard. Lilan awkwardly sings along, loudly, as I drive to the closest mall around.

We arrive, and I turn of the radio and stop the car. I hop out first and Lilan follows. We walk to the mall entrance and enter the busy, crowded space. Shops are everywhere you turn - designer, non-designer, toys, food, everything! We first go to a small shoe store nearby. Lilan examines each pair like a scientist looking through a microscope. She picks up a pair of colourful, patterned flats.

"These would be perfect for you!" She squeals. "You must try them."

"I don't know... They look kinda pricey," I protest.

"Oh, come on!"


I sit down on the nearest bench, and remove my shoes before slipping the flats on. They fit perfectly and are, surprisingly, the comfiest things I've ever worn.

Lilan claps her hands together. "They are gorgeous on you!"


She nods her head frantically in response.

"Then, I guess I'll get them."


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