some #imagines :)

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#imagine Tweeting that you need a new background for your twitter, and less than 2 minutes later, Niall tweets you a picture of him shirtless.

#imagine Watching TV on Niall's lap. When the commercials come on, you get up to get a drink but he pulls you back and kisses you softly.

#imagine Being in the recording booth, listening to Niall sing a love song he wrote for you. All the boys smile at the both of you behind the glass.

#imagine *Niall writes on your hand*  You : "What are you doing?"  *Niall moves his hand and you see what he wrote.*  It says : 'Niall's Princess<3'

#imagine  You : "I'm in love with someone.."  Niall : "Who?"  You : "His name is Niall Horan."  Niall : "WHO'S NIALL HORAN?!! Oh wait, that's me. AWWWW baby, i love you too!" *he kisses you*

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