TeCo or Days I Wish I Was Dead?

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AU; Thank you to everyone I know it's not much but we reached #920 in Werewolf and that is something I never thought would happen, so thank you to everyone that has read and supported me❤️❤️ I hope you all enjoy the upcoming chapter and the whole story!

I gasped as I woke, I felt my arms and then neck. I looked around my room which started to glow a bit from the sun peeking up from the hills. Nothing. There was nothing. I had fallen asleep again.

I got up and took a shower, I made myself pretty for my father's pleasure so he thought I was trying. TeCo went as well as you would expect. There was no fights and Brewer never showed, I never met my mate and by nightfall they were gone.

My father was in a pleasant mood when he fell asleep and I was appointed  night shift, along with some others.
I yawned as I walked the streets. Night shift wasn't a big thing. It was basically you walk the roads and you make sure no one goes out and no one comes in.

It was boring to say the least, nothing ever happened on night shift. We were a small pack no one cared for us. I sighed and looked around. Sweating, I unzipped my jacket and let it fall in the road. I kept walking the sound of my footsteps created a beat I couldn't follow.

My ears caught something, I stopped  the street lamp shone on me and I looked around. Darkness was everywhere. I didn't move or breathe for I was trying to listen. Once I gave a breathe a fog was created signally the cold. Something was wrong, I felt it.

I turned back around looked up, in the light from the lamppost in front of me was a wolf. I felt my breath hitch, I knew this wolf. Not from my pack, I've never seen it in real life. No I saw it in stories...in dreams. His white fur reflected the light and he didn't growl or show his fangs.

He took a step forwards and that was it for me, I ran. I've never ran so fast in my life. The soles of my feet hit the ground to a rhythm now faster then my heart beat. I leaped and shifted midair, I was faster as a wolf and I kept running.

Brewer, I heard him behind me his giant wolf was faster than I could describe. I felt my heart explode in my chest and my legs tire as I kept running. I wasn't going to survive. He was going to kill me.

I felt myself whimper when he grabbed my neck. I knew I yelped when he threw me back to the ground. I felt my side hit the ground and pain shattered up my body. I shifted back into human form and felt blood on my side. I lay there not able to move due to pain and fear. What the hell was Alpha Brewer doing here?

I sensed a human behind me, he had shifted back. His hands touched my shoulders and I shivered. His touch brought me warmth but who gave it scared me. Soon the warmth turned to pain and he grasped the back of my neck and pulled me up.

I had never actually seen him before, I had expected it to be a Boo Radley situation. Where the kids and everyone now says he has yellow eyes and is terrifying. I honestly would've been less afraid if the was the case.

Let us start from the bottom shall we? His jawline could cut a house down in one good swipe. He had stubble for facial hair from not shaving in a couple of days, his lips were in a natural frown but were full. His nose fit perfectly on his face, for being the Idaho  of the face it was still perfect.  He had a natural contour that could serve as a gravy dish. His eyes held a fire, I couldn't tell whether it was always there or if it was a spur of the moment thing but I swear it was captivating. I couldn't look away, but I was forced to for his hand had started to squeeze around my throat.

He lifted me off the ground, and we stood in the light, him choking me as I hung there and struggled, I was nothing to him.  I kicked out but he used his other hand and grabbed my leg. My hands scratched at his hand around my throat and I felt my lungs burn. My neck tingled and was hot at his contact, Something I've never felt before. We held eye contact, as I struggled and he killed.

I gasped as I hit the ground, his boot struck my chest and I cried in pain as I was forced onto my back. I lay there breathing, my lungs still burning and my head pounding. His boot put pressure on my chest and I looked up at him.

"Oh mon petit un, so much," he took a second to think. "Fire, so much potential. All put to waste, what a shame you must live." He removed his boot and pulled me up by my collar. "You will be so much," he hesitates, "fun to toy with chèrie."

I cried out and kicked out my leg hitting him in his stomach; it felt like kicking a piece of wood. Brewer wasn't phased. He just smiled his sadistic smile at me then threw me to the ground again. I felt hands on my shoulder and legs. They pulled me back, as I attempted to get up and strike him. I looked up and rope was put around my neck then tied. On my wrists and ankles shackles laced with wolfsbane now attacked me. I hissed at their touched and cried out,

Brewers' reply was a short slap which had me in more tears. "Shift."

"I can't." My tear soaked cheeks were red from the slap and from the pain he had me going through. His hand reached out and I instantly flinched away. He grabbed my chin anyway and brought me to him.


I obeyed and shifted into my wolf. I looked around and I could see more people being detained. The rope around my neck was replaced with chains which were handed to Brewer. The homes of the towns were being evacuated; the inhabitants were in shackles and cages. I looked back to Brewer who smirked at what he was doing to me and my pack.

He tugged on the chains signally me to walk, I looked at him and growled. I heard the crack of a whip behind me then it struck my back. I howled in pain. I had been bit by a snake, I had been cut, but this was worse than that.

After he tugged again, I obliged, not wanting to be whipped again. I took a step forward and I felt pain in my back. The cut had to be deeper than I thought. I walked behind him looking down, only glancing up every scream or so.

The shackles had started to burn and I couldn't bear more steps but I did, in fear of him. He walked me around the town which was lit up in flames. It was a parade with only me and him, and I was the monkey everyone was looking at.

"Come on pet, give them a show why don't you?" Brewer looked down at me and I growled at him. This only fueled his smile. I felt myself lunged at him only to be yanked back from his pack members holding the chains to my wrist and ankle shackles. "That was the best you could do? Surprising, I thought you had more in you."

I ignored his comment, he continued to parade me around. Past my house, where my father, mother, and Sol joined behind me. All equally irritated. I kept my head low, I could feel the anger and embarrassment radiating off my father.

Brewer led us to our stage, an old wooden structure, made so everyone can see my father when he gives a speech. He led us on the stage and sat down in his own personal chair. I looked up from my wolf form and all of our and his people gathered around. There were hundreds of his people, all restraining the children and warriors of our pack. The women stood chained together in the front deprived of their kids.

Brewer clicked and pointed for me to sit at his side, like his personal dog. I did so and I looked up, everyone had a look of despair on their faces. I couldn't bare to look anymore.

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