So Dark

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"Mikhail! What is the meaning of this! What in the name of God are you doing? The humans will hunt you down for this!" The man speaking looked over the battlefield that was soaked with blood. The blood of the people who had murdered the dark vampire warrior's bride.

"I have given them a reason to fear me, Uncle. They aided and abetted the one enemy. Allowing them to sneak into our lands and thus, enter the castle, killing the one thing I have ever given  a damn about. She was the one pure thing in my life and THEY took her from me. Do you know what they did to her, Uncle? They raped her, multiple times, and then they impaled her and raised her up, allowing her a slow agonizing death. She lingered for days, Uncle. Days!" His voice, filled with anger and torment, carried through the land. "My sweet Elaina, who never raised her voice and would never harm so much as a mouse, was treated so brutally that I pray her mind snapped before they were finished with her. The thought of her suffering is tearing what's left of my black heart apart." The warrior looked across at his uncle and refused to flinch, allowing him to feel his anger, his despair, his torment. The older man dropped his gaze. The warrior turned and walked off the battlement leaving his uncle to wonder at the human who called them savages.

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