How You Meet (Allies & Axis)

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You were about to explode from excitement! Avengers Infinity War (This wasn't out at the point this chapter was written) was finally coming out! The best part? Your theater was having a special midnight preview a weekend Before the movie was released. Of course, being a huge hero nerd, you rushed to the theater to get in line as early as possible, which happened to be 4AM. Well, you didn't end up being the first in line, but you were pretty close.

You were totally prepared. You had on an Avengers t-shirt, Captain America special edition Converse, and an actual Captain America shield. Yeah, you were a fangirl (sorry if you're not, I'm not a huge Captain America fan either. I prefer Bucky xD) Yep, totally prepared. Except one little thing. You forgot coffee. So, there you were about six hours later, eyes drooping. Most of the people in line were still standing, bubbling with excitement. You were standing as well, trying to stay awake.

Then someone in line behind you shifted and bumped into you. You, being half asleep, and a klutz on your best day, fell into the person in front of you, knocking both of you to the ground. You opened you eyes, only to have a pair of bright blue ones meet them. The both of you stayed frozen like that for a moment, blue eyes locked with (e/c) ones. Once you processed what had happened, and the position the two of you landed in, you blushed and immediately jumped up.

"Sorry about that" you mumbled, too embarrassed to make eye contact with the guy you just fell into.

"No worries dudette" the man said, rather loudly, and smiled. "Names Alfred" he said and stuck out his hand for you to shake. You took it, forced to make eye contact.

"(Y/n)" you said, a light blush still dusting your cheeks. The man had blonde hair and a stunning smile on top of his amazing eyes.

"I like the hero gear dudette"he said, gesturing to your shirt.

"Thanks, I like yours too" you said, trying not to stare at how the shirt fit his chest (gosh I'm making reader-chan sound like a perv xD). "Oh, you haven't seen the best part!" You picked up the shield, which had previously been resting against your foot and posed with it.

"Dudette, that is awesome!" he shouted. The two of you continued to talk as you waited in line. He even had one of his friends, who was apparently British, bring you guys food. You've never had so much fun in your life, and waiting inline nonetheless. At midnight you guys entered the theater, sat together, and geeked out throughout the whole thing.


You were an elementary school teacher at a nearby charter school. It was a beautiful (and rare) sunny day in England, so you had taken your class on a field-trip to one of the local parks. You sat on one of the park benches enjoying the peaceful day as the class roamed around the park searching for insects for an assignment later that week. This day is perfect. Well it WAS, until you heard bickering among your students. You left your spot on the bench and made your way towards the argument. As you approached you noticed a blonde boy who clearly wasn't a part of your class.

"It is too" he said loudly to the two other children that were a part of your class. The two of them laughed before they saw you approaching.

"Miss (L/N)" one of them whined. "Tell this boy that Sealand isn't a country!"

"Nuh uh, Sealand gained it's independence over sixty years ago" the other boy cut in before you could say anything.

"While that technically is true, no other countries recognize it's claim to be a nation. So it's status as a country is debatable" you explained. The two children in your charge began laughing at the now fuming boy. Why was this argument even important in the first place?

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