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Luke's pov.

I held Ryan close to me, his breathing wet as tears streamed down his eyes.

"Omega..." Ohm whines.

I glance over at his mother and she's watching one of the many security guards at the doors.

In a blur of movement she stands up and grabs something from him. My eyes widen as she points a gun at ohm.

One. Two. Two bangs before someone tackles her. 


Ohm screams out in pain loudly and I look down at him. A spot of blood was forming below where his left lung was. I pressed my hand against it and ohm cries out. Sirens barley audible in the distance.

"Luke! Luke your hurting me!" He cries. I simply press down harder as he coughs again. Everyone looked around. There was 2 bangs.  Two shots.

"Luke... " Evan says and I look at him from the corner of my eye. He lifts his hand up and pulls something from my hair. It was a bullet. 

She was aiming for me.

I push the thought away and press down harder on ohm's wound.

"Luke!" He cries loudly.

"St-stop." He sobs and it breaks my heart that I'm the cause of his pain.

"We need to get him out of the building!" Someone shouts and I stand up, quickly speed walking to the front of the building.

Ohm continues coughing, choking on his own blood.   His eyes close slightly and i panic.

"Ryan! Ryan baby stay awake!" I cry, I just got him back I won't lose him again.

"Luke.... Everything hurts..."  He sobs. I race down the steps just as the ambulance speeds to a stop Infront of the steps. The doors open and I quickly bring him into the vehicle.

" he got shot and there's blood in his lungs!" I shout at the nurses.

They instantly rip of ohm's shirt and I pull his hat off, exposing his ears. The medics gasp slightly at his ears but continue trying to stop the bleeding.

"Luke!" Ohm whines and I grab his hand.

"I'm right here baby. I swear just stay awake." I tell him.

"Omegas hurting too... Tell them to help omega!" He cries before his eyes roll to the back of his head.

"He's flat lining." A medic says and starts doing chest compressions.

"Come on baby." I whimper.

"Stoping chest compressions." The medic says.

"We got a pulse it's faint but it's there. " she states.

We arrive at the hospital and they race inside, instantly greeted by a doctor.

"What happened?" He questions.

"Blood most likely in the lungs, gun shot wound under left lung, already flatlined once before." A medic explains.

"Let's get an X-ray  of his lungs and stabilize him before continuing." He says before they rush him away. Away from me. I watch as they race away, tears filling my eyes. 

I turn around and stumble back to the waiting room where everyone has gathered.

I stumble towards them, ms. Strange instantly racing to my side.

"Luke..." She starts, opening her mouth to try and complete her sentence. I shake my head and sit down besides Evan.

Ohm's pov.

Everything hurts. Omega what did you do?

Luke was holding me. I like Luke's arms. He keeps me safe while i can't breath. My body feels heavy.

Everything is slow, as if I was in a movie. It was cool.

There was a loud bang. It hurt my ears. Something hit my side, I felt the flesh burn as whatever it was shot into me.

I cried out. This was not good. Luke looks down at me and presses down on what hurts.

"Luke! Luke your hurting me!" I scream. He doesn't say anything and pressed harder. I cry, but it doesn't burn. Everything was cold. Omega wouldn't talk to me either.

"Luke st-stop." I sob.

Next thing I know we're moving and Luke's running to a big car that made a bunch of noise. I cough and I can't seem to stop.

" he got shot and there's blood in his lungs!" Luke shouts

They rip my clothes off and my hats gone. I don't like this. I sob harder, still unable to he a good deep breath in.

Ryan... Relax... Well get through this just focus on getting air in your lungs.

Omega was hurting, he was the reason we were like this. But he was protecting us from the men lawyer lady and helping the good lawyer man her mommy to jail. Omega needed help.

"Luke..." I croak.

"I'm here baby. I swear just stay awake." He replies.

"Omegas hurting too... Tell them to help omega!" I cry before the world goes dark.

Ohm. Your dying. We're dying.

Omega mumbles. What? What about Luke? Will he miss me?

Omega are you sure?

Ohm don't you feel your energy wasting away?  I'm sorry but I was in control for too long, you are still to weak.  The blood in your lung will cause you to suffocate before you bleed out. 

We're dying Ryan. I'm sorry my child.

Alright so I'm making another story. Three are over and some soon to follow. The new story will be a KRII7Y!!!!! anyway I need help choosing the title. I'm also doing a collab with Non-existent_Sanity  it's also a krii7y XD

Here are my choices
-beware the boy of the bridge
-broken body, broken mind
The boy on/ at the bridge

Please vote on which ones you like for me it's the first one but I can't really decide tho cause they all good. My top rn I think is maybe beware the boy of the bridge.

Anyway hope y'all have a very merry Christmas and happy new year if I don't update before than 😋

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