becuase everyone just relates to squidward

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"uhm.. hot chocolate for you dear." I set the brown liquidy goodness in front of Bandit and she squealed. "And for you, Gerard." He smiled at me thankfully and I gave a toothy grin.
"What would you like to watch, Bandit? Do you like spongebob?" She nodded at my words and I turned on the TV, putting on my favourite spongebob episode.
"You have a collection of spongebob cd's down there. You are a weirdo." He pointed to the stack of ten ft high spongebob cd's.
"It's actually an amazing show. My favourite character is Squidward." I said and Gerard raised an eyebrow.
"Squidward? How so?" He took a sip of his hot chocolate.
"I feel like i relate to him in many ways. He gets annoyed easily, and he's just so damn sad."
"Because of spongebob and patrick." Gerard added.
"Yes, becuase of Spongebob and patrick." I repeated, smiling.
"Oof! Spongebob just got attacked by the jellyfish!" Bandit frowned. "Eh, He's a sponge. He'll get over it."
"All right, Miss Sass Face." Gerard rubbed Bandits head and Bandit squealed once again. Gerard giggled.

F u c k that was cute.
Wait, stop.
He is not cute, Y/N.
Ok, he is.
Fuck off thoughts.

"So what do you do in your spare time?" Gerard pulled me out of my thinking zone.
"Huh. " I thought for a moment. "I suppose... Drawing." I pointed out to some artwork that i hang on my walls.
"Wh- Really? You drew that? That's amazing!" Gerard smiled widely, his eyes shining.
"Pffft. Mhm. Thanks."
"You are skilled." Gerard nodded, drinking the lasts of his hot chocolate.
"And so are you. incredibly." I said, and Gerard gave a soft smile at me.

Yes, this is fucking Gerard Way in front of me.

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