🎄Christmas Q&A Answers🎄

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Hey guys!

Time to answer all your questions!!

First one was asked by RandomFandoms153!

Q: What's your inspiration for all your stories?

A: Well, when I first started I saw there was hardly, if any baby Ninjago stories. So I wanted to put some out there! But as I went on, I enjoyed seeing how happy my stories made people, and I wanted to continue to do so!

Next one! Alysa_Moon

Q: What baby doll would you like to have?

A: Its not exactly a baby doll. This one, for one very specific reason......if you can't tell, I'm a very big Doctor Who fan. #DoctorWho4Life

Next is! FandomNinjaCenter!

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Next is! FandomNinjaCenter!

Q: Favorite Supernatural, Percy Jackson, and Ninjago quotes?

A: Okay I love these, defenataly my favs!

Supernatural- 'Family don't end in blood.'

Percy Jackson- 'I'm not choosing one of your paths. I'm making my own.'

Ninjago- 'If I'm going down, might as well go down laughing!'

That is all the questions you all had hope you enjoyed! And the next scenario will be a 3 part one, your First Mission.

Till next time! Bye!

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