🎄Christmas Present🎄- Lloyd

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Lloyd and you had stayed up all night, again. And now it was Christmas morning!

"Lloyd wake up!" You chuckled and pulled a bit on his necklace.

"Lloyd wake up!" You chuckled and pulled a bit on his necklace

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He groaned, "Fine I'm up!"

You smiled, you've been up for hours and made a special breakfast, with Zanes help of course.

You pulled him out of bed, and into the dining room, where the others were already eating.

"No way! This looks amazing!" He smiled brightly and dug in.

"I'm glad you think so."

After breakfast, you two had a surprise visitor.

"Mom?" You both hugged her.

"Oh I'm so glad to see you two." Misako smiled.

"Good to see you too mom." You smiled.

She noticed the necklaces on your necks. "I see you still wear them."

"Yep." Lloyd nodded.

"It's how we remember dad."

She nods, "Now how about my special Christmas tea?"

"Yes! I love it!" Cole could be heard shouting in the back ground.

You chuckled, "Let's go."

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