🎄Christmas Present🎄- Jay

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Jay peaked into your room early Christmas morning.

It wasn't the best day for you, mainly cause you had a cold.

You were curled up in bed, with your blanket.

"Hey sis, how ya feeling?" He asked softly, sitting next to you

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"Hey sis, how ya feeling?" He asked softly, sitting next to you.

You looked up at him, "Not too good." You groaned.

He moved your hair from your face, "this is the worst way to spend christmas."

He kissed your forehead, "Maybe not, come on let's move you to the couch."

You nod and got up and went to the living room, taking your blanket with you.

Jay had set up everything all ready, and the guys were there too!

You smiled a bit, before sneezing.

"Bless you." Kai chuckled.

"Thanks." You layed down with you head in your brothers lap.

He trapped the blanket over you, "How does a Santa clause marathon sound?"

"Sounds good."

"Okay then." He smiled and started to first movie.

By the time you got to the third movie you were feeling somewhat better. "Can we have hot chocolate?"

"Sure, anything for you sis."

You smiled maybe being sick on Christmas wasn't so bad after all.

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