I am Operation Animal (X-Men / Avengers)

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She laid on the ground, breathing heavily and gasping for air.

"What did you do to me!" She screamed, terrified of what was going on inside of her. She could feel her body changing. Her body was trying to adapt to the liquid poison that was put into her. "Please! I'll give you anything! Just let me go!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Over in the other room, on the other side of the two way mirror, were the Avengers and Director Nick Fury.

"Nick. What are we going to do? We can't go in there, she'll think we were the ones to do that to her." Agent Natasha Romanoff said, crossing her arms.

"She's in pain. We need to check her out." Doctor Bruce Banner didn't like just sitting around, watching as the little probably fifteen year old girl in the next room over scream and cry in complete agony.

"But if whatever was put in her can change her chromosomes like you said, Banner, we would all be on the hit list if she sees us." Agent Clint Barton commented.

"We need to get a sample of blood from her so we can figure out if your theory is right, Bruce." Tony Stark added. He wasn't in his normal, goofing off and childish, mood. He didn't like seeing the girl in pain either.

"How do you expect us to get in there without the possible threat of being hurt or even killed, Stark?" Captain Steve Rogers asked.

"We could send Thunder in." Stark suggested, looking to the god of thunder, Thor Odinson.

"What?" Thor asked, everyone was looking at him.

"That's actually not a bad idea." Banner agreed.

"What do you think Thor could do that you guys couldn't do?" Director Nick Fury asked.

"He won't die as easily or Hulk out if she tried to attack." Natasha pointed out.

"But he doesn't know how to properly draw blood from someone. If you go through the vein, she could bleed to death internally, if you puncture the vein but don't keep the needle in there, she'll bleed to death." Banner sighed.

"Light bulb." Stark threw his hands up. "Knock her out with something then let Brucey in."

"That could work." Fury nodded.

"But then when she wakes up, she could go A-wall on all of us." Barton sighed.

"Then we'd have no choice but to kill her." Fury sighed too.

A gas suddenly filled the room. The girl started choking on the gas. Once she was knocked out, Banner went in and took two samples of blood before leaving. He took the samples to the lab and started running tests.

Within two hours, Banner had the results back to the Avengers and Fury.

"The girl has had her cells be changed, she isn't a human. But she isn't a god or alien. Whatever was put in her, it transformed her whole cell system to where she has the chromosomes of an animal." Banner announced.

"Were you able to figure out her name with a matching blood test?" Natasha asked.

"No. She was injected a little over seven hours ago, we got to her a little over four hours ago. Whatever was in her, it dissolved into her blood stream and disappeared already." Banner explained. Everyone looked to Fury.

"So what do we do now?" Captain Rogers asked.

"I'll call a friend. He knows what to do with these kinds of things." Fury replied.

The X-Men will come to play in the next two chapters!! Thank you so much for reading!!


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