Lost Love (A Magcon fanfiction)

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                          Chapter 1

* Emily's POV *

"Ahhh! I can't believe we're actually here!" Trish whisper screamed into my ear. We were checking into the hotel, and right before I went to grab the room keys, Trish tugged my arm, wide eyed and smiling from ear to ear, she pointed in the direction of the main lobby doors. That's when I first saw him.

Cameron Dallas, along with Nash, Hayes, Jack G, Matt, Taylor, and Carter were walking in our direction.

I wasn't a HUGE fan of the whole "Magcon Boys" fad, but damn, was Cameron hot. Trish was standing beside me practically drooling over all the boys. I turned around, facing the front desk, where the hotel receptionist handed me two plastic key cards. I turned back around to see Trish talking and giggling with Carter.

I couldn't help but notice Cameron staring at me. I was expecting him to at least say hello, but instead he just kept his eyes locked on me. After about 15 seconds of awkwardly standing, glancing at Trish then back at Cameron, I gently pulled her arm, motioning my head toward the rooms across the hall. Carter whispered something into her ear, she giggled, and we finally headed to our rooms.


If you're a little confused on the characters and who they are, please read the description to this story.

I plan on adding a chapter or two a day, so stay tuned!

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