Episode 8 [Season Finale]

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Welsh to English Translations

Amddiffyn: Protect/Defend

Baglu: Entangle

Diddim: Void

Diolch: Thanks

Ffwl: Fool

Ffrwydro: Explode

Malu cachu: Bullshit/Taking bullshit

Pisho bant: Piss off

Twpsyn: Idiot

The late afternoon sun beamed through the library's windows, highlighting the dusty air

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The late afternoon sun beamed through the library's windows, highlighting the dusty air. Rhian marched through it, leaving a trail of fiery footprints behind her.

"Rhian, what's wrong?" Emmanuel looked up from the book he'd been studying. "H-how are you doing that?"

Lewis lifted his head up from the table he'd been snoozing on. "Neat."

"Where's Grez?" Rhian opened her palm. Her fiery prints lifted from the floor and disappeared into her hand.

"Just missed her," said Lewis. "You two having a row?"

"She left about fifteen minutes ago," Emmanuel closed his book. "She was camped out in the awen section. Didn't want to be disturbed."

"Is she avoiding me? Do you know? She's hardly ever in our room."

"I think she's avoiding everyone," said Lewis. "Everyone deals with things in their own way, you know?" He pulled out a chair. "Come on, Rhi, take a seat."

Rhian plopped down. "What are you two working on?"

"A list," said Emmanuel.

"A list of what?"

Lewis smiled. "Suspects."

Emmanuel slid a folded over newspaper over to Rhian. The page ranked the top fifty students in each year.

"I didn't know we had a school newspaper."

"That's what I said." Lewis laughed.

The top three names were crossed out; each had a symbol drawn beside them. The top name, Dafydd Thomas, had a question mark. The next, Katie Phan, had a triangle. And the third, Julia Silva, had a cross. The fourth name, untouched, was Gareth Harris.

"Gareth is at the top of our class?"

"I know," said Lewis, "brawn and brains. Who would have guessed."

"If our theory is correct," said Emmanuel. "He's at the top of our killer's list as well."

"Or he is the killer." Rhian glared at his name before reading on. "Who is number five? Edward Lethe?"

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