This is the story of a lonely girl. Well maybe lonely isn’t quiet the word here considering she is the youngest of four children and twenty-four grandchildren. Hanna Anwaar is lonely in the sense that no one seems to understand her. Before you go any further this story is not what you think. This story is not about a girl trying to “find herself.” She knows exactly who she is and what her beliefs are and is very set in those ways.

 Before starting the story maybe you should know about her background and her upbringing because this information is very influential to her character and will help you understand this complex girl.

Both of Hanna’s parents came from a small country. According to traditions her parents were arranged to be married.  Aisha was 16, and Hassan was 21 when this match was made. Soon after marriage they had four children, Amina the oldest, twin boys Ibrahim and Abdullah and finally Hanna the youngest. The children were raised with the same traditions and customs as the parents were taught. Five times a day the family would gather and pray, the older ones showing Hanna the proper way to prepare for prayer times. Every day for the month of Ramadan the children would fast copying their parents and grandparents. Family traditions and religious beliefs are first and foremost on the list for a happy life.

There will be more insight on her family background later. I think this is enough now, the story is eager to begin.

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