Chapter eight - dinner time

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Taking my seat next to Kai I kept my eyes down until I saw from the corner of my eye someone filling up my glass I looked up to be met with a huge grin, it was the boy from earlier. As people around the table started to get there food Kai also placed some food on to mine and his own plate, he picked up his cutlery but before starting he lent down to my ear and whispered "you can start now you know", I looked up at him and nodded, I picked up my own cutlery and pocked around at the food on my plate, I ended up only eating one carrot before the conversation, which at the time l was not interested in, engulfed me. "So y-n how was your food" I brown haired boy sat at the end of the table asked, I sat at the end of the table asked, I looked up at him and hen looked back down at the food left in my plate, "fine, I guess" Kai's hand on my leg tightened "thank you" I mumbled and his grasp loosened slightly. Another boy from the others side of the table asked "how did you take her" Kai looked down at me and I averted my gaze down to my lap and gulped, I could feel all of their eyes on me once again until Kai began "well she was on her way home from school, and she was just so adorable I couldn't not so I called baekhyun to help me" when he sad that I could feel tears well up in my eyes, I couldn't stop them from falling so I covered my face with my hands and began to cry.
Kai's pov:
After I had told everyone how I had just taken y-n she began fo cry, she should just be glad I was in a good mood and wasn't going to punish her after what she had said to Chen earlier, however when she steered to cry 1 asked if she wanted to go hack to her room does the littie kitten want to go fo bed she nodded her head yes while her hands still ecovering her face that's when l stood up taking her wrist in my large hand, I exeused both of us from the dining and proeceded to lead her out and to her room, which was only accessible through a door situated in my room, neither of us spoke the whole way back until we reached her room where she stood looking down at her feet and asked very sweetly if she could have something to change into to sleep in. walked over to the closet and began looking for an old t-shirt of mine.

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