(10) Broken Angel

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Suddenly time felt like it had sped up way beyond my control. Me and Karen both got lawyers and did things the legal way, even if Karen did leave threats on my phone.

Ryan issued a statement about Karen molesting him and it was taken very seriously because the inquest into Angelo's death was not done in great depths and they realised they could have missed something.

I found some numbers of the boys from the photo album and they came along and gave evidence against her.

Hannah started to speak to me loads once Ryan told her what had happened and she and her father gave evidence against her too.

I asked Angelo's father to ask for photos of Angelo after he had died because his body was photographed for the inquest but unsurprisingly some photos had been removed.

I am of course no expert in science at all but I pointed out the gunshot wound and the fact that the rope marks on the neck weren't actually that deep. A specialist scientist confirmed what I said and gave more detail on the body wounds and how they showed that someone else could have killed him, not himself.

A detective was also hired and they found some rather disturbing photos of Karen and various boys, some distressed notes under the floorboards in Angelo's room, saying things like he wished she was dead and that he hated the way she looked at him and touched him.

The trial went on for over a month and there was a lot of press because Karen was an mp and there were so many claims against her.

On one day of the trial she just caved. "Fine, I did it alright! I touch boys because that's what I like. Their bodies are better and I just like young boys. I hate rejection and Angelo always rejected me. He hated me and I hated him. But I also loved him. He had to die!" She shouted.

So that was it, the end, case closed. Karen was done for assault and sexual harassment in 5 different cases and murder in one case. 50years in prison. I secretly congratulated myself.

After that, I became part of Angelo's family in a way. I went over there for dinner a lot and we all went out sometimes. I became like an older sister for Hannah and I think both of us needed that sort of relationship. I missed my sisters badly and she needed a female figure to look up to. She often stayed at my place which was nice.

The wedding plans were also in full swing. I had my wedding dress and we hired the local chapel. We decided not to invite many guests so I only invited my sisters and Angelo's family. Phillip just invited his best man.

We planned a honeymoon to Florida and we decided not to have a wedding party. It was stupid to have one for the number of guests we had.

Before I knew it, it was my wedding day. I was going to get married and I had no idea whether I should go ahead with it or not. I decided I would.

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