Chapter 18

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Dana ran to the window giving Nick a sign to be quiet.She opened the window allowing him to enter.

"Dana are you okay?" Nick asked looking down at her bleeding wrists from her restrains.

"I'll live" Dana said all the sudden feeling embarrassed that she couldn't stick up fir her self. "Just help Liv and Pas. Something happened." Dana said making it clear that they were raped.

Nick stared at her trying to process the information as he walked out of Olivia's bedroom into Pasiley's.

When he got to Pasiley's room,he stared as Lewis made Pasiley cry.

"Get off her" Nick snarled.

"But why and my daughter are having so much fun?" Lewis smirked.

"Get away." Nick yelled.

Lewis turned to Pasiley and took the hanger that just came off the stove and held it on Pasileys 'lady part'.

Pasiley screamed. Olivia turned away. And before any one knew it, Nick had fired and Paisley was covered in her rapists blood.

"Nick!" Olivia yelled.

"Shh, its ok,hes gone" he tried to console a panicked Olivia.

Nick picked up Paisley and carried her to the front door.

"Im coming out." nick yelled.

"The bloods not hers but get her down to mercy." Nick said handing her off to one of the EMTS.

"Ill ride with her!" Casey yelled before getting in the back of the ambulance.

Nick turned around to go get Olivia.

"come on." Nick started. "We should go get a kit done...alex is outside waiting for you."

She nodded her head in embarrassment.

Alex put her arm around Liv once outside and led her to the ambulance.

"Casey" Paisley said with heavy tears marking her face.

"Yea babes?" Casey looked down at the little girl.

"It hurts" Paisley held on to Casey's hand.

"Hun, tell me where it hurts" Casey asked.

"Everywhere." Pasiley cried.

"I know. I know. Where almost there." Casey responded thinking back to her kit and recovery from William Lewis.

Alex,Olivia,Paisley and Casey all met up at the hospital waiting to be called.

"Olivia Benson?" A young red head nurse came out.

Olivia stood up and without saying a word put a sleeping Paisley into Casey's lap.

"Al?" Olivia looked at the blonde with defeat.

Alex looked up.

"Do-Can you come with me?" Olivia asked.

Alex smiled. "Of course"

Paisley woke up. She was in such pain the doctors on the ambulance gave her pain meds that made her drowsy.

"Hey there momma." Casey said glad she woke up so she didnt have to.

"Wheres mommy?" Paisley asked clearly still in pain.

"Mommy is in the room with Alex. We are just waiting for our turn." Casey said.

"Why? What are we doing" Paisley asked.

"You were hurt. So we have to get something called a rape kit done"Casey said watching Paisleys eyes get bigger.

"I take it you know what they are." Casey smiled a little.

Paisley nodded her head slowly with fear.

"Do i have to?" Paisley asked.

Casey was about to say no. But then she thought back to her self and how she didnt want to but Olivia convinced her to.

"Yea baby. You do. But listen Im going to go in with you and hold your hand so you wont be sacred. You trust me dont you?" Casey said holding the little girl closer.

"Yea i do" paisley said still trying to comprehend everything.

Paisley sat up in Caseys lap to ask a question but instantly felt the pain.

"Oh babe. I dont think thats a good idea."casey said lying her back down.

"Have you ever had this done?" Paisley asked as time passed by knowing her name was gonna be called soon.

"Yes. I have." Casey said starting to think back.

"Does it hurt?" Paisley looked up at the red head.

"Yea. Some parts do." Casey said not wanting to sugar coat anything.

"Paisley Benson?"

Casey stood up took Paisleys hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

When they were done they were met in the lobby by Olivia and Alex.

Olivia threw her arms around Casey.

"I dont know what to do now" Olivia cried.

"Just do the same thing youve been doing. Just be there for Paisley.Now youre one step closer to recovery."

Casey smiled at Olivia.


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