XII : Mauve

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See the flames inside my eyes,
It burn so bright, I want to feel your love.


Parker's pov :

   Teased her just enough, i let her to her room. For tonight we'll split up. It's annoyed me a bit seeing how she was so relieved that we didn't have to share bed. Maybe she seriously never, ever wish to sleep with me?

   I'm not in a rush. We'll take things very slowly as i want to keep our relationship long and strong. If she doesn't want to do it, it won't happen, not at least until she allows.

   But that doesn't mean i can't come to visit her just a bit tonight.

   I mean, really a little bit, just checking if she likes the place, nothing else.

   I'm being honest, nothing else.

   Like. For real.

   I knocked on the door with a champagne on another hand, it didn't take long for her to open up.

   "Don't just open up for a stranger like that." I said, she didn't even ask if it was me.

   "But you're no stranger to me." She said quietly.

   "It could've been someone else." I let myself in, put the mauve bottle on the table.

   "I'm sorry... next time i'll ask if it's you."

   I sat on the bed, tapped on the black space next to me, jerked my face, telling her to sit there.

   She sat down, watched me professionally poured the red liquid down the clear glass.

   "We should have our secret code, don't you think, sir?" She asked.

   "Secret code?"

   "Keyword that only the two of us know, to assure that it's truly us."

   I nodded. "Good idea, what should it be?"

   She stopped to think. "'Lionhearted'? Perhaps?"


"I like the meaning of it, that's all. I have another idea but it's 'fidget spinner', and i kinda hate that thing now..." She murmured.

I shrugged. "Okay."

She smelled so good, maybe she just took a bath before i came. Roses was flowing around her. Okay, i'm going to admit, maybe i'm a fucking pervert, but i'm rich so it's better to say 'A person who lacks moral'.

We shouldn't both being on bed, or she would get attacked by a person who lacks moral like me.

"Hey, have you check the rooftop of this place yet?" I asked.

"No, sir."

"The view is gorgeous, want to take a look?"

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