Chapter 9

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Last time on "The Lawyer":

B:"Deal, but can I ask for a favor?"
S:" Sure, What do you need?"
B:" Can I stay with you tonight and tomorrow, PLEASE?"
S:" Sure, but why?"
B:" I'll tell you in when we get there."
S:" Fine. I'm outside, where are you?"
B:" I'm coming, Bye."
And I hang up, So I make my why to the front of the club.



Bree's P.O.V:

I'm standing in the entrance of the club scanning the crownd when I finally find Sin standing next to his expensive looking car. He waves me over and K walk up to him.
B:"Hi again..."
S:"Hey beautiful."
I feel the heat rush up to my cheeks. Damn the look he had when he said that, and might I add that he is S-M-O-K-I-N-H-O-T. NO BAD BREE ! You're just drunk. Sin is just a cocky jerk... a really nice and handsome cocky jer-NO.
S:"Is it just me or are you blushing?"
I was busy starting at his beauti- normal face when I saw his lips moving.
B:"Uhh... What?"
S:"Nothing, let's just go."
So we got inside his car. I saw that he had an AUX cord and I was an mood to listen to BTS.
(Author: Bts Is MY FAVOURITE K-POP BAND. If you listen them *if you dont i recommend you do* who is your Bias?)
B:" Can I use your AUX cord?"
S:" Yeah sure."
I plugged my phone on the cord and played my BTS playlist, the song " Blood sweat&tears " started playing.
S:" Who is that band?"
B:" BTS!"
I said in an exciting tone.
S:" Who are they?"
B:" Only the hottest K-Pop group in the whole universe!"
S:" Yeah, okay..."
B:"No I'm serious, all of them are super HOT, especially Jimin Park."
S:" Oh, and is that Jimin fella  hotter that little old me?"
B:" Ten times hotter."
Why did I say that, Sin is hot! Not as hot as Jimin of course but not ten times behind him, he's like 3 times behind. UGHHHH.
S:" That actually hurt a bit."
B:" Awww, is little Sinny sad?"
S:" Yes I a- wait Sinny?"
B:"Do you prefer Sunny?"
S:" Oh shut up."
After that little conversation we stayed in a perfectly comfortable silence with BTS still playing in the background.
After a good 10 minutes Sin pulled into a parking lot infront of a very expansive building.
S:" We're here."
B:" Wowww... You're rich!"
S:" Well I have a very high salary because of my job."
B:" Ohhh..."
S:" Come on, let's head inside."
B:" Okay."
We step outside of the car and a slight breeze hits my face.
We made our way into the building and stepped inside the elevator. Sin pushed the 10th floor buttoun while southing music played from the speaker of the elevator.
1 minute later we where infront of his apartment.  He opened the door and let me in. I walked inside and felt a little nervous being in his house. I stood at the entrance of his living room.
S:" Why you standing there? Make yourself at home."
B:" Okay..."
I walked to the expensive looking couch and plopped myself on it.
S:" So why do you have to stay over here?"
B:" Well long story short I'm getting divorced tomorrow so there's so way I'm staying with that douch and yesterday I stayed in a hotel as you already know, but I don't have anymore money on me and of course because of my shitty luck all the people that I know are either not at their house or not  in town for like a week. Sooo..."
S:" I was your last resort?"
B:" Exactly."
S:" Okay, well I'm gonna go take a shower, feel free to use it after I finish. And I'm gonna leave you some fresh clothes in the bathroom for you to wear.
B:"Thank you."
I'm still a little drunk, my face is hot and I feel like I'm gonna pass out any minute.
Ahh It wonldn't hurt to take off my cloths, he won't even notice... Right?
Fuck it. I start undressing, and after successfully removing my dress I lay it down on the couch. Scanning through his living room, I spot a blanket on a table near TV. I walk over to the table, grab the surprisingly soft blanket and rap it aroun myself. Anything's better than that dress.
As I was admiring his modern house when I suddenly hear his voice which scared me and made me drop the blanket from the shock.
S:" Hey! I finished with the show-"
He's looking at me quick Bree make a run for it. I run past him and hear him shout...
S:" Bathroom's down the hallway, second door to the left!"
I go the direction indicated by him and find the bathroom. There was a fresh pair of clothes with boxers since he doesn't wear panties obviously. I removed my bra and panties and sat them aside, then got into the shower.
20 minutes later I get out of the shower, dress myself in the clothes that Sin gave me and finally grabbed my bra amd panties and put them in a plastic bag that I found inside one of the drawers below the fosset ( i dont know if that's what you call it.)
I got out of the shower and found Sin sitting on the couche watching friends. I put the plastic bag aside on one of the tables in his house and went and sat next to him.
B:" Friends huh?"
S:" Never get enough of them."
B:" True."
We just sat there and watched Friends until we somehow started talking about basically random thing, the first things that came to our minds and slowy fell asleep aroud 2:30 AM.
I woke up to a light  that came through the window. I was laying my head on something hard yet soft at the same time. I felt a soft snoring sound that made me open my eyes. I looked around me and panicked but calmed down when I remembered yesterday's events. I felt something moving below me, so I took my head off of the soft yet hars surface and met a pair of beautiful blue eyes. I was lost in them when I hears the sound of a coughing that brought me back to my senses. I WAS LAYING ON TOP OF SIN. I quickly jumped out of his grasp and began apologising for what happened.
S:" Hey it's not your fault. I have a habit of grabbing things that are near me while sleeping and cuddling with them. And I know it's really weird."
B:" Okay...?"
B:" What tims is it?"
S:" It's 11:56 AM."
He said while looking at his watch.
It's nearly 12, I have to go get ready for the divorce.
B:" Hey Sin?"
S:" Yeah?"
B:" Can you drive me back to Maddie's apartment so I can get ready for my appointment?"
S:" Yeah sure, I was going to my job anyway, just let me change my clothes."
B:" Okay."
He walked out and to what I presume is his bedroom.
I walk over to the table where I put the plastic bag and grab it then I go back to the couch and get my dress.
Sin walkes in the room wearing a very sharp suit that suited him.
S:" Come on."
We walked out of his apartment and down the stairs this time cause he insisted, something about being healthy. We go into the parking and get in his car.
The care ride was fairly silent except for me giving him directions towards Maddie's house. After 20 minutes we finally arrive.
B:" Thank you so much."
S:" You're welcome. Your staying tonight too, right?"
B:" If it's okay with you?"
S:" Yeah, of course. You remember the way to my house right?"
B:" Yeah I do. If I get lost or something, I'll call you."
B:" Well thanks again, and see you tonight."
I get out of thr car and her him say bye. I take out my phone from the pocket of the dress and saw that I had a million notifications. And most of them where form Chris begging me to rethink about our divorce wich I of course Ignored. I simply sent him a text to remind him that I'm picking him ul at 2:30 and that he better be ready by then.
I then call Maddie to make sure she's at her apartment cause my luggage is inside the apartment along with my car keys and I really need her to help me pick out what to wear. She told me she was there and to come up so I did. When I arrived the door was already open and she was waiting for me.
She hugged me and let me in. I saw that Maddie had already layed out what I was going to wear and had here make-up kit layed out on the kitchen table.

 I saw that Maddie had already layed out what I was going to wear and had here make-up kit layed out on the kitchen table

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After getting dressed she applied my make up, and we finished at 2PM.
M:" You ready?"
B:" As ready as I'll ever be."
M:"Remember, he doesn't deserve you and You will make it fine without him, Okay?"
B:" Yeah."
M:" Well, off you go then, GO GET YOURSELF A DIVORCE."
B:" YEAH."
I hugged her one last time, grabbed my car keys and my phone  from the table near the door and exited her apartment.  Then I made my way to my car, and went to pick up Chris.
When I arrived infront of my old house it was 2:30 SHARP. I started honking ans saw him getting out of the house  and running quickly toward me. I motioned my hand in a way to tell him to get in. Whem he opened the door to the passenger seat he tried opening his mouth eich I of course did not like.
B:" Don't you dare open your mouth, I just want tk finish this so I will never see you again."
To afraid to speak, Chris only nodded his head.
The car ride was really uncomfortable but I thanked the lord when we finally arrived in front of the familiar building.
We went inside when I spotted Lilly.
B:" Hey Lilly."
L:" Bree! Here for the divorce?"
B:" What else."
I noticed from the corner of my eye Chris standing in a stiff and nervous way wich made me even more confident.
L:" Well you are right on time, let me just inform Mr.Blackwood that you are here."
B:" Okay."
Lilly takes the phone placed on her desk and call who I assume is Mr.Blackwood.
After of few seconds she ends the call.
L:" Mr.Blackwood will see you right now."
B:" Great. "
L:" Walk down this halway, his office is the very last one at the end of the hall. It's the one with glass doors."
B:" Okay. "
I start walking in the direction given by Lilly when I see Chris still standing in the same place in the same manner staring at the floor.
B:" Come on!"
I hissed at him. He looked up and made his wah towards me, and we walked towards Mr.Blackwood's office.
I knocked on the glass doors that where covered by blinds and I heard a faint 'Come In'. I pushed the glass doors open with Chris still behind me and at that very same moment the chair that was behind the desk in the very middle of the office turned around and revealed a very familiar grin, a familiar pair of deep blue eyes so mainly a very handsome man that I surprisingly most certainly know.
I couldn't believe my eyes... It was....


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