Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

I sit in my usual spot at the back of the classroom during Chemistry that following Friday afternoon, twirling my mechanical pencil through my fingers while spacing out during Ms. Ghafarri's lecture. As I place my chin in the palm of my hand and stare down at the floor for no particular reason, I couldn't help but shift my gaze to look at Daniel's feet a couple of seats in front of me. He is wearing black Adidas shoes and I couldn't help but notice how toned and defined the muscles on his calves were.

Damn, I really should be paying attention right now. I'm pretty sure that whatever Ms. Ghafarri is lecturing about is going to be on our test this Monday. But it's hard to focus when the biggest distraction of all was sitting just a couple of feet in front of you. I try to refocus my attention back to the front of the classroom but after a minute I find myself once again drifting off into my own little world. And in my world, Daniel wouldn't be deliberately ignoring me like he's been doing for the entire week. In fact, he would be doing the exact opposite. In my mind I could see him suddenly raising his hand, asking Ms. Ghafarri if he could go to the bathroom. And shortly after he leaves the classroom, I too would raise my hand and ask the same question. Once I was outside of the classroom, I would walk down the deserted hallway towards the back stairwell at the very end. Nobody ever came up or down those stairs really unless it was in between classes. As soon as I would round the corner Daniel would be waiting there for me. I would take a step closer towards him and then he would gently place his arms around my waist as I would stare into his sincere, dark brown eyes.

"Hey," he would say to me in a soft breathy voice.

"Hey," I would reply innocently back, tracing my fingers lightly across his chest.

We both would then realize that there was no need for us to say anything more and I would watch as he brings his hand to my face and delicately lifts my chin. Our lips would touch and I would get this exhilarating feeling in my stomach as our bodies pressed against one another's. I could see myself running my fingers through his hair, playing with that one stray dark strand that always seemed to stick out at the bottom of his head where his neck began. His kisses would continue to get deeper and deeper as he props me up against the wall, gripping my legs and hoisting them up so that they are wrapped around his waist. I can practically feel his hot and heavy breath against my cheek as his hand slowly glides underneath my shirt...

"Hello, Earth to Nora!" A voice says, shattering my daydream into a million pieces.

"Wait, what?" I ask, feeling a little disoriented and completely embarrassed.

The guy who usually sits in front of me, Austin Sanders, is looking at me expectantly, waving a piece of paper in front of my face.

"Oh right sorry," I blush, taking the worksheet from him.

As I write my name in the top right hand corner I can still feel my cheeks burning up. I quickly lift my eyes from my paper and glance over at Daniel again, hoping he didn't suspect anything. But that was completely crazy, of course. It's not like he can read my mind. A few minutes after I've started working on the problems that Ms. Ghafarri gave us, Daniel gets up from his chair and starts walking towards my desk. I can almost feel my breath catch in my throat but I refuse to show my nervousness and continue working, my pencil practically flying across my paper. Unfortunately,when I lift my head up to see if I got the same answer that's on the whiteboard, Daniel passes by my desk and looks me right in the face. There is an internal struggle taking place within me over whether or not I should smile at him or give him a blank stare. I watch the right side of his mouth quirk up at the end into a faint half smile. As he does this I immediately glance back down at my paper and chew on the tip of my eraser. When I look up again he's sitting back in his desk, twirling his newly sharpened pencil in his left hand. My chest tightens and the same deep sense of longing starts to make its way back into me. My brain is begging me to think about our little imaginary meet up at the stairwell again, but I aggressively shove those thoughts to the way back of my mind instead.

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