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the past couple days have been hard. i haven't talked to derek in 3 days. yeah he still stays in my house but he sleeps in a another guest room. i try my best to avoid him but he always seems to pop up next to me. right now i'm in the kitchen waiting for my left over pasta bake to heat up and thank god he hasn't shown up yet.


spoke to soon.

i ignored him and continued to stare at the microwave.

"kam baby please. listen to me—" he tried touching my waist but i pushed his hand away from me.

"can you not!" i hissed

he looked down and sighed. he walked over to the other side of the kitchen.

the microwave went off signalling my food ready. i opened the microwave and took out my food.

dumb move.

i didn't let it cool down and i dropped it and it splattered all over because it was so hot.

"shit, you alright ma?" i heard derek ask

i ignored him and grabbed a rag off the counter.

"kam, baby please." he begged trying to wipe it as well. i stood up and walked out the kitchen. i'll just starve.

i walked into my bedroom and changed out of my clothes that had pasta bake on it.

i walked in my closet and got a baggy crop top and grey shorts. i changed into it and walked back into my room.


after a couple hours of studying i decided to close my books and let my music play off my laptop.

i started humming freudian by daniel caesar. i started using my phone and going through my photos. i started smiling at the pictures of me and derek. i scrolled through more and more pictures and a tear slipped out my eye but i quickly wiped it.

i went to my messages and messaged derek.

me; come to my room

mylove🌎; gimme a sec

i took a deep breath. this might be mistake but i do deserve an explanation from his previous mistakes.

i heard my door open and i saw a shirtless derek enter.

stay calm, stay calm.

he walked over and sat on the corner of my bed.

"you alright?" he asked looking back at me

i nodded my head in response. here we are. sitting in the dark with daniel caesar playing from my laptop.

"derek. i want you to explain." i demand "i want to know why you did what you did." he sighs and begins talking.

"to be honest with you. i wasn't thinking at that moment and i never knew she was going to kiss me. i thought we was just gonna share a blunt and talk. i guess we both got carried away."

"do you still have feelings for her, derek?" i asked

he exhaled and thought about the question.

"really and truly. i just don't think i'm fully over her yet. not seeing her after a long time i guess there was something about her i just missed."

i felt really heartbroken by his words.

"so i'm basically your rebound." i sighed

"no!" he exclaimed "i love you and only you."

"and i want you to listen to me when i say this."

"kamiya. i'm so sorry for what i did the other. i wasn't thinking straight. i just want you to know that i don't have no feelings for her like the ones i have for you. you're my one and only baby. i don't think i can love anyone else the way i love you. words can't explain how sorry i am, never will i ever do something like that again." he explained.

i took a deep breath and crawled over to him and hugged him from the back and licked his cheek. he smiled at me and turned his head to kiss me.

he moved his head down to my neck started kissing me more

"so you forgive me?" he asked facing me

"yeah. i forgive you baby." i said smiling at him.

he smiled at me and pecked my lips.

he laid down on my bed and stared at me. i went over to him and sat over him and leaned to give him a kiss. yeah i've really missed him.


i actually do have some readers on this book so i'm gonna keep it🤷🏼‍♀️

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