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Dear Smartasses,

Guess who's parents came back?
They yelled at abby for getting a "B" an 89, instead of all "A"s.

Seriously parents? Then they banned me from leaving the yard, on the day a bunch of my friends and I were going to go out. I still went, and brought Abby with me. No way I was leaving her alone with them.

Also I am so proud of Mitchell. Our father has anger issues, and my mother is fucked up, I swear she has anger issues too.

So Abby was making dinner yesterday, cause the cook left for the holidays. (Yes I know having servants sounds bad, but our parents refuse to get rid of them, we kids treat them nice though)
And she made pasta with vegetarian sauce because that's what all of us wanted. We're not vegetarians, well mom is, but none of us wanted meat.

She comes out with five plates of pasta and sauce and sets the table. Then pours drinks, Father gets beer, Mom gets wine, Abby takes water, then Mitchell and I get sparkling cider.

She gets bud light instead of blue moon, for dad, and he flips. Yells about how he wants meat, then he swipes his arm across the table knocks all the plates off, making a huge mess.

Then he yells for Abby to clean it all up, then takes a sip of his beer, and walks up to Abby and raises his hand to beat her. I'm on the other side of the room, trying to clean up a bit of the mess without Father noticing, when I see it. Mitchell practically leaps across the room to pull Abby out of Fathers range. Abby was crying, trying to hold back her tears. Then Father takes Mitchell's arm and twists it painfully, then pulls him out of the room, grabbing me on the way, and Mom follows.

He yells at Abby to clean it up and make something else for dinner. Then he stands guard in front of the door, making sure no one gets in through that way. I ended up ordering a pizza and Mitchell and I ate some of it, then put the rest on a plate for Abby.

Our parents went out to some fancy steakhouse and Abby finally came up to her room maybe 3 hours later. She had made something else for dinner, but had realized that everyone had already eaten, so she put it in the fridge.

She made pot roast, which is the best thing she makes, but she hates it. We all ended up in my bed, just sleeping together, I think Mitchell was up all night, just listening for Father's footsteps. Turns out Father did get abby. She had a ring of bruises around her arm.



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