Chapter 27

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Finn POV

I sit with Rachel all night pretty much, I called in to work and said I had an emergency situation and wouldn't be in for a couple of days

I sat beside her bed holding her hand. She was peacefully asleep but then started to stir, eventually she awoke.

"Hey sleeping beauty, how are you feeling?" I ask In a soft tone

"Hey Prince Hudson, I'm feeling like crap" she says smiling and leaning back in her bed. She exhales and looks at me softly with her big beautiful eyes

"Do you want me to get you anything?" I ask her

"No thank you I'm fine, why don't you go home? Get some sleep. I think you deserve it superfinn" she says laughing

"No, I want to stay if that's ok, I don't want this to be awkward after you know..... our breakup" I trail off looking in the opposite direction

"No it's not awkward, it's just...... incase your tired after tonight, I don't mind if you stay. It's not awkward for me at all" she says looking out at the window, to see all the buildings lit up like a Christmas tree

"Good, I want the best for you rach. I hope you know that" I whisper

"Thank you, for tonight... if you hadn't come round I would be dead right now. So thank you, I could say it a thousand times" she says honestly running her hand over my knuckles softly

I smile softly at her and kiss her hand

"You welcome, I couldn't live if anything had happened to you" I almost cry just thinking about what could have happened

"Hey, I'm here still.... thanks to you" she puts her hand on my face, lightly running her fingers over some early stubble starting to grow.

I smile softly showing my dimples

She lightly bent over and kissed my cheek

I never expected that

"Not ruining the moment or anything but I thought you hated me?" I ask feeling the spot in my cheek that she had previously just kissed

"What?! I could never hate you" she says in awe

"But I'm an asshole, I've hurt you so many times and you still bare to stand my guts? Just how? I hate myself for what I've done to you" I say bitterly towards myself and all my flaws

She lightly put her hand under my chin so I was directly looking at her

"I couldn't hate you, you were and still are the best thing that's ever happened to me ok? I can't hate you" she whispers softly just enough for me to hear

"I hate myself" I reply with so much hatred towards myself that I look away from her but yet again her hand pulls my face back up so I can look into her eyes

"Don't" she whispers

"How can you still like me? You are so loving and forgiving and-" I get cut off by her kissing me

Holy moly..... she just kissed me

"Shush" She whispers after the kiss

I sit there in pure awe as to what just happened

What did just happen????

I think Rachel noticed because she put her hand on my face bringing me out of my thoughts of what the hell just happened

"I'm sorry" I say looking down focusing but failing because of the tears blurring my vision

"It's fine, plus now I know.... life is too short. Love while you can" she says playing with my hair

"Wait......" I say trying to think

"Does this mean we are back together?" I ask shooting my head up

"Well, if you want.... since I almost died tonight, I just want to love while I can, tonight was a wake up call for me" She says holding my hands in her own

"Listen, I want to say sorry but I've said that too much. If we are going to get back together...... I'm quitting my teaching job" I say

"What?! No! I love being able to see you everyday! At least wait until my senior year is over?" She asks

"Sure, but after that I'm getting another job so we can be exclusive, I hate hiding out relationship" I say

"Just finn, please don't hurt me.... I don't think I can take another jolt" she says

"I swear on my mothers life..... I won't and I mean it" I say meaning every word. Nothing is getting in the way this time

Fate had knocked me down so many fucking times and This time it's not, cause I'll knock it right back on its ass

I lean in and kiss her precious lips softly before both falling asleep

If your wondering I uncomfortably slept on the chair thing, Rachel offered to let me sleep in the bed but I denied

Why the hell did I have to be so damn tall?!

Well now my girl is here with me and I could not have asked  for anything more

What do you guys think? I love finn In this chapter even tho I wrote it lol. Hope you liked it and comment! Love you all 💖💝❤️💕

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