Tree Decorating - Chris Motionless

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Christmas themed ones, there's one more of these then a small twist in band/Artist...


I watch patiently from the couch where Chris, my Master has told me to wait while he and his friends Josh and Ryan bring in and set up our Christmas tree, He didn't want me to accidentally hurt myself so he told me to wait.

It's cold out so I'm in one of Masters long sleeve shirts and some way too big sweats that use to belong to him but he grew out of them considering it's been a years since he wore them, of course their still huge on a small fucker like me, I also have on my black collar.

I have my knees to my chest watching as Master enters the living room helping holding the tree we picked out while Ryan hold the side and Josh holds the end.

Their all wearing large winter coats since it's snowing out and their boots, Master also in jeans and a beanie.

"Go left, Josh." Ryan orders looking around him that way he won't hit his legs on the furniture.

"I can't." Josh states, he is right next to the table in front of me, so he can't move.

"Bull, I can't move back, go left."

"I told you, I can't, there's a fucking table."

"Step around it."

"I can't."

"Just do it, Josh."


"Both of you shut the fuck up and set stand it straight."

Master interrupts, they look at him surprised as I giggle, it's always funny to me when they all act like little kids and they argue about the littlest things.

Master eyes shift to me, a small smile on his pierced lips as he sees me having fun watching them and obeying him, he specifically told me to stay on the couch when they brought the tree in so a branch wouldn't hit me or anything.

The guys grumble that he didn't have to yell and do as said, standing the tree up and carefully settings it in the stand on the floor in the corner of the room between the TV and a recliner.

"Hold it straight." Josh demands as he lays on the floor to twist the little bars into the trunk of the tree, Master and Ryan hold it but it's a kinda leaning to the right.

"It's leaning to the right.." I quietly inform them making them look at me at the same time, Josh from under the tree, Ryan from behind it and Master from the left side.

"Goddamn it, I just screwed the last one in." Josh groans, undoing the bars. I giggle again, watching them struggle to agree if its straight or not, putting it one way then another.

All getting frustrated at each other and cursing every five seconds, Josh still under the tree, having to redo the bars every time.

Again, it's funny seeing three grown men argue over something that I can easily settle, I can see the tree, I know if it's leaning or not but they clearly haven't thought of that.

"Fuck this. Baby, is it leaning?" Masters voice softens from his frustrated tone when he turns to me.

I shake my head, "No, leaning to you now."

They fix it, but now it look closer to falling.


"Too Far forward."


"Too far back."


"Too far left."

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